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Calendar September 3, 2015 09/03/15 AuthorBy p fanning Comments 1 Comment 1

Super Gains Pack August 2015 Review + Half Off Code

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Super Gains Pack August 2015 Review

Super Gains Pack August 2015 Review

Super Gains Pack is a subscription box of fitness and healthy items to help you make your gains.  Boxes start at $12.00 for the Big Gains pack, but they have plans include 13-15 supplements and are only $28.00.  I was sent the Super Gains Pack, which is being reviewed by guest blogger Patrick.

The Details:

Cost: $12.00/Gains Pack, $20.00/Big Gains Pack, $28.00/Super Gains Pack.

What’s in the box?

Gains Pack: 6-8 supplement samples of various types, flavors, and brands. Full size protein/nutrition bar. Super Gains Pack Sticker to share and support us as we support you!

Big Gains Pack: 9-12 supplement samples of various types, flavors, and brands. Full size protein/nutrition bar. Full size endurance gel or other nutritional snack. 1x reputable brand name trial size (5-10 servings) supplement bag/tub. Super Gains Pack Sticker to share and support us as we support you! FREE SGP shaker bottle.

Super Gains Pack: 13-15 supplement samples of various types and flavors. Full size protein/nutrition bar. Full size endurance gel AND nutritional snack. 2x reputable brand name trial size (5-10 servings) supplement bags/tubs. Meal prep plan for a week with grocery list. High protein snack recipe with grocery list. Featured food of the month fact. New workout idea to try out. Super Gains Pack sticker to share and support us as we support you! FREE SGP shaker bottle.

photo 2

So, to tell you a little about myself, I work a physically active job early in the day, I’m an amateur Olympic weightlifter who trains three to four times a week, and an occasional gigging musician who stays out late. Any chance to get energy or protein on the go is a plus for me! One of the reasons I was so excited to review a few of these products for you.

I am a hardcore coffee drinker. I have been accused of being addicted to caffeine. Whether that is true is neither here nor there, but to test out this first product, the energy gel, I forwent the heavenly nectar this morn.

photo 3

The Gu energy gel was coffee flavored (hence the “Espresso Love” title), and it actually tasted like coffee! Within thirty minutes, I could feel the energizing effects taking place. Whether you use this before a workout or a long day, or after to keep up your energy when you’re exhausted, the Gu energy gel will help you through it!

The next item I sampled was the Honey Stinger Chocolate waffle. I would put this in the “healthy snack” category, because the Honey Stinger is made with all natural ingredients, honey pre-dominant among them. It had the natural sweetness that accompanies honey, and unlike many “healthy snacks” that we have all tried, did not taste like dirt or sawdust.

photo 4

Before my lifting session today, I sampled one of the multiple pre-workout supplements that came in the Super Gains Pack. The Muscle Pharm Assault in Raspberry Lemonade. As far as taste goes, I guess you could say it is more or less “Raspberry Lemonade.” But taste isn’t what pre-workout is for, now is it? Being that physical activity comes with it’s own stimulating feelings, I didn’t feel a change like I did with the Gu, but I could still tell a difference in the positive

photo 5

The final product that I sampled for this review was the Vanilla Muscle Sandwich.  This bar tasted just like a NutterButter candy bar, but loaded with 13 grams of protein! How great is that? I used it as a little post workout recovery.

photo 2 (2)

These were just some of the products from the Super Gains Pack that I sampled

707716691 (1)

The other items in the box were;

  • BPI Sport Whey HD in Chocolate Cookie
  • BPI Ultra Premium Whey HD Ultra Premium Protein Powder (Chocolate cookie)
  • Beast Creature
  • Beast: Beast Mode Pre-Workout Powder
  • Grenade Declare War on Fat
  • Black Powder Ultra Blue Raspberry Pre Workout Amplifier
    3Z Sleep Aid
  • NOS3 Nitric Oxide Pump Amplifier
  • Xtend BCAA’S (Fruit Punch)
  • Alpha Amino Performance Aminos (Watermelon)
  • Noxipro Pre-Workout (Cherry Limeade)
  • Recovery Pro 4:1:1 Ratio BCAA Dietary Supplement
  • Arnold Schearzenegger Iron Cre3 Super Creatine Nitrate Formula
  • BPI Sports 1.m.r (One More Rep) Vortex Pre Training Powder
  • Green Magnitude Creatine Matrix Volumizer
  • Eat The Bear Vanilla
  • C.G.P Muscle Torc Energy
  • Jacked 3D Micro eNOS Super Performance

For a closer look at all the items in the box, check out the unboxing below.

Final Thought:  The Super Gains Pack is a great array of products to try for anyone with an active lifestyle and wants to try new things, but doesn’t know where to begin. Or, for an athlete that has plateaued, and wants to mix up what they routinely consume to fuel their bodies.  Right now, they are offering 50% off their boxes, just use this link with the code SGAINSP50 to save 50% on your box. LIMITED TIME ONLY

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  1. Joey, December 1, 2016:

    Beware!!!! This company will not stand behind their word. Ordered a previous month box at a discounted price to test them out. They never shipped their product and they stated the mistake was mine for making the order.