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Calendar September 24, 2015 09/24/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Junior Explorers Mission Gulf Coast Review + Half Off Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Junior Explorers Mission Gulf Coast Review

Junior Explorers Mission Gulf Coast Review

My son loves Junior Explorers, so he has to go to the new mission the day the box arrives.  

 When you sign up with Junior Explorers, you will receive a Welcome Kit.  Once you have your welcome kit, you will go on various missions.  I have reviewed several missions and you can check them out here.

Junior Explorers is a subscription service for children 6-11.  Boxes are $19.00/month (plus $2.00 shipping) and each month, your child gets a new online mission, along with a packet of goodies.  The goal of Junior Explorers, is to teach kids about the environment and animals, all while keeping things fun.


Every was packed in a cardboard package.


A book is included packed with games, activities, cartoons and other fun things.


There were 6 animal trading cards your child can punch out: moon jelly, whale shark, hammerhead shark, common octopus, great white shark, and orca.


There were four postcards your child can hang in their room or mail to family and friends.


Shark Teeth:  For this activity, measures the height of the enamel, multiply it by 10 and that will give the average size of the shark.


Instead of the usual online activity, this month your child will find tagged sharks and mark them on the enclosed map.  The website is a really website for viewing tagged sharks.  There is a selection of shark names to find, but then you can explore other sharks around the globe.

020As your child find sharks, he/she can mark them on the map.  There are also some ocean extremes to mark (highest mountain, deepest spot on Earth etc).


This is an overview of the website, the little dots are sharks.


You can select the shark you are looking for by the drop down box.


Once you find a shark, you can see where it has traveled; see pictures and information about the shark.  This was really fascinating for me and I went back after L played, so I could find more sharks.

PicMonkey Collage

There were two pages of information about the ecosystem in the Gulf Coast.

Extra Fun Goodies!


There was a booklet of temporary tattoos and this go on your finger.


I have never seen tattoos like these, so cute!


There was also a booklet full of shark stencils.


Here is a look inside the book.  The stencils also tell your child what kind of shark it is.


A bracelet, pin, two animals and a shark tooth necklace were in the box.  L loves the necklace and has worn it every day to school under his uniform.


There was also a huge poster that had all kinds of sharks on it.


Final Thought: L really enjoyed this month.  He learned all about sharks and I think it helped his fear of them.  He did miss all the fun and games from the normal online activities, but changing it up is fun. There is a coupon to save 50% on your first box and at only $19.00/month, you can try Junior Explorers for only $9.50!  Just Use this link with the code VOICE50 to save 50% on your first box.

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