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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar September 22, 2015 09/22/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Geek Fuel September 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Geek Fuel September 2015 Review

Geek Fuel September 2015 Review

I always enjoy getting Geek Fuel, and this month, I received my box before seeing full spoilers online first. Geek Fuel is a geek and gamer box that is always filled with awesome memorabilia and has a great value.  Each box is $17.90 plus shipping, and they ship worldwide.  Geek Fuel always includes a shirt with every box, and the value is always over $40.00.

The Details

Cost: Month to month $17.90, $16.90/month for a 3 month subscription, $15.90/month for a 6 month subscription and $13.90/month for a year subscription

Shipping: Geek Fuel ships to the US ($6.00 shipping fee), Canada, and many more countries!

What's in the box? Every box will pack a t-shirt, toys, collectibles and more in their monthly boxes.


Geek Fuel always comes in a red box and ships by USPS.


The two-sided information card always features the shirt of the month on one side.  I love they did a Star Wars theme.

geek fuel information card

The back of the information card has a list of everything else in the box.


There is a mini magazine which has articles about all the different themes featured in the box.

Kylo Ren Poster by Erick Scarecrow

Kylo Ren Poster by Erick Scarecrow There was two different versions sent out to Geek Fuel boxes and 50 of those posters were numbers and signed by the artist.  I received just the standard edition but I really like the poster.  The poster is made of thick paper so it shows more wrinkles than a thinner paper.  While I don't normally frame posters from subscription boxes, this one is getting a frame.


Bounty Hunter T-Shirt:  This bounty hunter t-shirt is a great promo for the new movie.  It is also an ode to Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie from his 1972 album.  The lightning bolt is the same as one Ziggy has on his face.

Espionage Cosmetics Nerd Nail Deals

Espionage Cosmetics Nerd Nail Deals $10.00 Finally, a girl item in a mainstream geek/gamer box!  These nail decals are a beautiful purple/teal color and feature super hero masks and symbols.  I love them!  Thank you Geek Fuel for recognizing there are lady geeks!


Here is a closer look at the decals.

Bob's Burgers Comic

Bob's Burgers Comic  This Bob's Burgers Comic has an exclusive cover and is boarded/bagged with a certificate of authenticity.  I love the Geek Fuel properly packages comics.

Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray

Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray $4.99  This silicone ice-cube tray makes ice cubes into the DALEK and the Tardis.  I don't watch Doctor Who but these cube cubes would be fun to make.


This is a look at what the ice looks like.

Roche Fusion Downloadable Video Game

Roche Fusion Downloadable Video Game $12.00 This classic arcade game looks like a mix of Centipede and Asteroids, only with more features.  I never play video games now, but I kicked butt on Centipede and Asteroids growing up, so I am going to check out this game.


ARES 3 Mission Button:  From the movie The Martian with Matt Damon, you can wear your own mission button.  This movie comes out in October!


Final Thought:  I really liked this month's Geek Fuel box.  The shirt was great, Star Wars plus old school music, a great choice!  The nail decals were my favorite item because lady geek items in boxes are super rare to none.  Geek Fuel is a great box, affordable and always comes with a t-shirt!  If you want to try Geek Fuel, use this link and save $3.00 on your first box.

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