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Calendar August 22, 2015 08/22/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

Treats August 2015 Subscription Box Review -Tasting + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

Treats August 2015 Subscription Box Review -Tasting

Treats August 2015 Subscription Box Review -Tasting

Treats is a new subscription box that sends treats and snacks from all over the world.  You choose between the standard or premium pack and each box is filled with snacks from a specific continent.  Boxes are $24.95/month for the premium pack, and it includes 8-10 snacks.  The standard pack is $12.95/month and it comes with 4-5 snacks.  I was sent the premium pack for review.

The Details: 

Cost: $12.95/month for standard, $24.95/month for premium

What's in the box?  Each month you will get an assortment of snacks from a specific continent.

Shipping: Free shipping to the US.


Treats came arrived in plain brown paper, the box features the Treats logo on a plan white box.


First Look


The box looked packed with snacks and there was an information card on top.

Information Card

The information card features all the snacks in the box, but it didn't list the continent they were from, which I would have liked to see.  This month's snacks come from Asia and you can find out more about each snack on Treats' Explore Treats page.

Fruit Gummy Assortment by Kasugai

Fruit Gummy Assortment by Kasugai: These gummies are individually wrapped and come in lychee, mango and strawberry flavors.  Lychee is a sweet fruit that tastes a bit like a grape.

Jagabee Potato Crisps (Butter Soy Sauce) by Calbee

Jagabee Potato Crisps (Butter Soy Sauce) by Calbee These chips look like fries but taste like a buttery potato, the soy sauce wasn't that pronounced, but it added a nice salt taste.  These were my favorite snack in the box.

Strawberry Giant Caplico

Strawberry Giant Caplico : This ice cream cone is topped with a strawberry chocolate like treat, that has a milk chocolate center.  This is very sweet and won't melt.


Baked Shrimp Chips by Calbee:  These crunchy baked chips really smell more like shrimp then their actual taste.  These are one of the most popular snacks in Asia.
Cola Puccho by Uha

Cola Puccho by Uha:  This tastes like a cross between a Hi Chew and gum.  It's in fact a candy, but it lasts an usually long time.  It has chew outside and inside is filled with a gummie that fizzes.  These have a great cola flavor and I would love to try other flavors.

Kaki no Tane by Uegaki

Kaki no Tane by Uegaki  I have had these crackers before in a wasabi mix.  These crunchy crackers have a spice, but are not wasabi flavored.  This bag is huge and will really last you a long time.

Pocky Strawberry Tsubu Tsubu

Pocky Strawberry Tsubu Tsubu:  Our family loves Pocky and we have had about 10 different variations.  This one is still new to us though.  While I have had strawberry Pocky, this one has flakes of strawberry in the strawberry icing.  If you have never had pocky, the stick is made of a cracker.

Watapachi Melon Soda by Meiji

Watapachi Melon Soda by Meiji Watapachi is my top three favorite Asian snacks.  This is melon soda cotton candy filled with pop rocks.  Melon soda tastes like a cross between lemon lime soda and cream soda.  Watapachi is amazing and I wish it was easily found in US stores.

Milk Caramel by Morinaga

Milk Caramel by Morinaga We have had these in another subscription box and my husband was a fan. These are little milk caramel squares, really easy to chew.

Rice Crackers (Shelly Senbei) by Want Want

Rice Crackers (Shelly Senbei) by Want Want:  These crunchy rice crackers have a toasted, sweet, soy sauce flavor. These would be great with soup.  These are also low in calories and gluten free.

If you want to see what some of the wrapped snacks look like, check out my unboxing below.


Final Thought:  Treats sent a nice selection of snacks and as a bonus, I liked everything.  I like that you get a new box from a different continent each month, so you can taste a wide variety of snacks.  I hope they put the location on future information cards, as I think that will add to the user experience.  If you want to try Treats, use this link with the code CRATEJOY to save 15%.

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You can see my FULL coupon list HERE.

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1 Comment(s)

  1. Lyn McAlister, August 27, 2015:

    Mouth Heaven!!! SPA DAYS FOR YOUR MOUTH! TREATS is well worth trying out. I cannot tell you how happy we all were. I’m married and have 5 daughters. I weigh barely 98 pounds so I was no match fighting my family over this box, they all looked like they had never been feed before. Funny thing was my had just cooked steak on the grill! LOL. Most impressive about this company is it is one of those that the box you see sent to websites to promote themselves by showing off they’re product, which then a company will then just over fill a box for a blogger or website for looks to bait us the customer in, well Treats box looked just like the box on here! I did get the upgraded one, after all everyone is starving here. The candy was fantastic and fresh, the noodle crips very fresh, rice crackers are the ultimate, And I wish I could buy the Butter Soy Sause thick whole cut Potawatomi crisps. Oh My Gosh ToTo we are not in Kansas anymore so good!! I also was sent a personal hand written note from the owner of the company! Love this box!!! Take care all, Lyn

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