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Calendar August 16, 2015 08/16/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Teabox Starter Kit Review + Subscription Coupons

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  This post contains affiliate links.

Teabox Starter Kit Review

Teabox Starter Kit Review

Teabox is an online tea company with an online store and they also have a subscription service.  They have a huge selection of loose leaf tea, along with some special gift boxes.  I was sent the Teabox Special Starter Kit for review.  The starter kit contains 8 fan favorite teas, muslin tea bags, and a teaspoon and is on sale for $20.99, down from $39.50.

Teabox also has a subscription service. For as low as $9.99/month, you can get an assortment of tea to match your taste preferences.  If you don't like any of the tea you get, they will replace it at no extra cost!


The starter box shipped by USPS.


The starter kit was wrapped in tissue paper and wrapped in bubble wrap.  I was really impressed with the packaging, especially considering nothing was breakable.


Everything was in this sturdy white and green gift box.


First Look:  The teaspoon and muslin bags were packed on the right hand side.


There was a general welcome note from Teabox about their brand and company.  My husband tried the tea and gave his insights about the tea for this review.

Assam Masala Chai

Assam Masala Chai – A mixed spice tea that has both a cinnamon aroma and flavor. This type of tea is one that is growing in popularity around the world.

Teabox Special Winter Nilgiri Black

Teabox Special Winter Nilgiri Black – This malt and nutty tasting tea has some unique aroma of orange and spinach.

Teabox Special Spring Darjeeling Clonal Black

Teabox Special Spring Darjeeling Clonal Black –  Tea has longer pieces that I had to crush up more to fit the right serving I needed. The tea leaves had a fresh jasmine smell. Tea makes a very light color brew. The tea was little hard to drink so I added some milk which was a bad idea with how light the tea was. The taste is full body and overall is semi sweet.

Teabox Special Spring Darjeeling White

Teabox Special Spring Darjeeling White: A light color tea that has longer pieces that make you need to measure out more since the amount doesn't fit in one scoop.
The taste reveals a full body flavor loaded with fruit tastes. It has low acidity and has a great after taste.

Lopchu Flowery Orange Pekoe Darjeeling Black

Lopchu Flowery Orange Pekoe Darjeeling Black – Orange Pekoe or high quality leaf darjeeling black leaf tea with combination earthy taste of wood with a tart of green apple. The tea is better when drank with some sugar added in.

Jungpana Special Spring Darjeeling Chinary Black

Jungpana Special Spring Darjeeling Chinary Black – This unique tea is that is so tasty it doesn't require any additional condiments like milk or sugar. The tea is average for caffeine content.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast  This tea makes a tea that looks Semi-light brown color. The tea leaves itself are very short making measuring very easy. I love the taste of this black tea leaf tea. The extra jolt of caffeine makes it worthwhile as well. Overall my second favorite tea of the box.

Margaret's Hope Classic Spring Darjeeling Black

Margaret's Hope Classic Spring Darjeeling Black – This loose leave has small pieces in that measures out perfectly. The tea itself was a nice sweet taste. The aroma was a full body fruity smell with hints of orange. The after taste of the tea was pleasant just like the overall taste of the tea itself. I like mine extra sweet so more sugar made it taste even better.


Teaspoon:  A heavy metal teaspoon was included to help measure the tea.


Muslin Tea Bags:  Several muslin tea bags were included to help get that perfect cup of tea.


Final Thought:  The Teabox starter kit contained a wide variety of teas. Everything from a spicier tea to the great sweet selections like my personal favorite “Teabox Special Spring Darjeeling White”. This box would be a great gift for any tea enthusiast in your family. They would be totally setup with not only the tea, but the bonus items like the tea bags and measuring spoon. Overall this box is a great deal and is worth checking out.  You can pick up the Teabox starter kit here, or check out the coupons for the subscription below.

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Disclaimer: This box contains affiliate links

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