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Calendar August 13, 2015 08/13/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 5 Comments 5

Shtrands Customized Luxury Hair Care Subscription Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes.  This post contains affiliate links.

Shtrands Customized Luxury Hair Care Subscription Review

Shtrands Customized Luxury Hair Care Subscription Review

Shtrands is a new subscription box that offers women professional customized salon-quality hair products, at an affordable price.  Subscription plans start at $59.00/every two months for four full size hair products.  If you subscribe for a longer term, there are even bigger discounts.  When you subscribe, you fill out an in-depth hair survey, which addresses your hair type, wash habits, and more.  Once you get your products, you will fill out a customer survey, which helps determine what products you will receive next.

Shtrands was founded by Lacramioara Schulte Auf’m Erley and Kimberly Hughes.  Lacramioara has always loved beauty and has a MBA and degrees in Chemistry.  Kimberly has been working for hair companies as an educator and stylist for 14 years, so working for Shtrands was an easy transition.

I am really particular about my hair,  I only use salon quality hair products and I don't tend to try anything new, unless my stylist recommends it.  Since I was one of those lucky people who started going grey at 18, I have to color my hair regularly.  In addition to color treating my hair, I straighten it daily.  My hair is naturally curly, super thick and is prone to dryness (wonder why!).  I tend to spend a good deal of money on my hair, so I was excited to try a subscription that offered me my hair products for less.  I also hoped that I would see an improvement on the condition of my hair.

The Details:

Cost: $59.00/every 2 months, $149.00 6 month plan, $295.00 12 month plan.

What's in the box? One regimen containing 4 full size products delivered every other month

Shipping:  Shtrands only ships to the Continental US.  Residents of PA will be charged sale taxes.


After completing my profile, I couldn't wait to see what products would be chosen for me.


Everything shipped in a priority mail box.


First Look


The information card was hand written and personalized just for me.  I loved the hand written card, instead of a copy and paste information card.  Shtrands addressed my hair and my concerns in the information card, which made a great first impression.

I am going to give an overview of each product, then give my opinion on the products.

Teadora Rainforest at Dusk

Teadora Rainforest At Dusk Shampoo $29.00 This shampoo is vegan, organic and gentle enough to use daily.  I always wash my hair daily, which I know isn't the best choice.  This shampoo removes dirt and build up, without damaging your hair.

Teadora Rainforest At Dusk Conditioner $35.00 This protects and hydrates dry damaged hair, perfect for my course hair.

Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Boost Restore Mask

Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Boost Restore Mask $20.56  Hair masks can be pricey (mine is $35.00), but are a must for my hair.  I couldn't wait to try this out.  You can use this 1 -2 times per week to reconstruct hair fibers and improve hair texture.

The Jojoba Company Organic HobaCare Jojoba

The Jojoba Company Organic HobaCare Jojoba $11.99 I have heard of jojoba oil, but I had never tried it on my hair until Shtrands.  This versatile products can be used on damp ends before straightening, used on dry hair to combat frizz, or applied to hair before working out, to help retain natural oils.


All the products were packaged in this canvas tote.  You could hang this in your bathroom, use it as a travel bag, or just use it to store your products.

The Hair Test: I couldn't wait to try out my new hair products.  I used the full four products and noticed huge differences.  Prior to Shtrands I thought I was perfectly content with my hair care system.  Sure I had difficult hair, but I thought I just had to deal with some of my hair issues (I was wrong).  After using the products, my hair felt softer (even when wet).  I normally let my hair air dry, but I decided to really test the products, by blow drying my hair.  Now, when I blow dry my hair, it usually looks like one of those sponge animals that expands 5 times the size in water.  To my surprise, my hair didn't look crazy huge and was SHINY.

Day 2:  I used the full hair care system again and this time let my hair air dry.  My hair dried with beautiful shiny curly waves.  Normally to get my hair curly, I have to use a diffuser on a hair dryer.  My hair is thick, shiny and healthy.  I woke up in the morning and my waves are still there! Even my husband commented how healthy and shiny my hair looked, and he really doesn't take an interest in my hair care.


Final Thought:  The total value of this box was $96.55, not counting the exclusive tote.  As someone who only buys salon quality products, I can personally attest that the value is right in line with salon prices.  To say I was impressed by Shtrands, is an understatement.  My hair has never looked or felt healthier.  I think the jojoba oil really played a huge difference in my hair.  I am a true believer in Shtrands. They included a full hair care system of different brands, which shows they are not trying to promote a specific brand.  The personalized information card helped explain all the products and why they were chosen for me.  Whether you visit the salon often or, don't get time to have your hair professionally done, Shtrands is an excellent subscription, and one I will personally be using!  If you want a customized salon hair care system, check out Shtrands, and use the coupon SUMMER to get $10.00 off your subscription.

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5 Comment(s)

  1. Aimee, August 13, 2015:

    Will you get the same products every month? Is there a way to let them know what worked and what didn’t work?

  2. Subscription Box Mom, August 13, 2015:

    You give feed back about your products and they can change them to your preferences/feedback. I need to add that detail in review.

  3. Lacramioara, August 13, 2015:

    Hi Aimee,
    You will not receive the same products unless you want to. We send a feedback letter after 4-6 weeks of using them and you can mention which ones you would like to receive again or not; or just completely new regimen to try.


  4. Aimee, August 13, 2015:

    Thanks! I subscribed

  5. Lacramioara, August 14, 2015:

    Thank you, Aimee! I can’t wait to tell me what you think of. You should receive the regimen on Monday or Tuesday.

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