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Calendar August 26, 2015 08/26/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

EggDrop August 2015 Review + Coupon – Surprise Egg Subscription

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

EggDrop August 2015 Review

EggDrop August 2015 Review

Surprise eggs are the latest toy craze and EggDrop is a new subscription service that sends 6 surprise toy items each month.  Boxes are $19.99/month and are filled with 6 surprise eggs like Shopkins, Transformers, Mashems, Fashems and much more.  Right now, there isn't a different for boys and girls, so girls may get Transformers and boys could get My Little Pony. I am getting to be quite the expert on mystery bag toys, as my 6-year-old is obsessed with them.

The Details:

Cost: $19.99/month, 1 year $199.99 (Get 2 months FREE).

Coupon: Use this link to save $3.00 on your box.

What's in the box? “When you open up your box six eggs will be inside filled with surprise toys. Such as Shopkins, Disney Frozen toys, My Little Pony toys, Pixar toys, Dispicable Me Minions, and other various toys.”

Shipping: EggDrop ships to the US, but if you live outside the US, email them and they may be able to work it out.


EggDrop shipped in a polymailer bag with their logo sticker on top.


EggDrop came in a white box.  I love the egg sticker that sealed the box.


First Look.  L did the unboxing video with me, and he was so excited!  It was like Christmas.

The Ugglys Pet Shop!

The Ugglys Pet Shop! $4.98  My son loves these and just got a ton of them for his birthday.  These little guys barf, pass gas and other grossness.  They also make a cool doggy car wash for these guys, complete with a toilet that flushes.

Ugglys Pet Shop Puggly + Rep-Vile

L received Rep-Vile (from the Grossest Collection) and Puggly (from the Sickest Collection)


There are 8 categories to collect from: Grossest, Sickest, Gross Homes, Limited Edition, Slimest, Smelliest, Hairest, and Surprise Poop.  If you are really lucky, you will get the metallic poop, which is really rare (I'm not kidding and yes we have some).


Angry Birds Mashems $5.00  Mashems are hard to find!  My son loves watching the YouTube unboxings of these.  You can squish and smash these, and they return to normal.

Angry Birds Red Bird

L received Red Bird.  L doesn't know all the names of the Angry Birds characters, but he can beat me any day of the week on that game.


Shopkins Season 3 $2.88 L and I are love Shopkins and we enjoy collecting them together.  Season 3 is the most recently Shopkins season.


L received Vicky Vac (Common) and Taco Terrie (Rare).  L has both of these, so they will go to T.


There are 9 categories of Shopkins to collect in all. I am not sure how many L needs, but it's not many, although we are still searching for the Limited Editions.

Radz Transformers

Radz Transformers Candy +  Dispenser $5.00 est  This was a new mystery bag to us.  L loves transformers, so I know he would like whatever was in the bag.


L received Sideswipe.  We had trouble figuring out how to put the candy in.  It turns out the directions were on the flyer, who knew!  Just twist the hair to remove it and deposit candy.


Just pull back the top and the candy comes out.  There is also a keychain to attach to a bookbag/backpack.


There are seven Transformers to collect in all.


Power Rangers Mega Force Mega Blocks Figure $2.99 I remember Power Rangers as a child, but L hasn't really gotten into it yet.


L received the Black Ranger.  His head is supposed to fit closer to his shoulders, but I can't get it on right.


There are 8 figures to collect in all!


Minions Mystery Pack  $7.79 My kids loved the Minions movie and we have a few of these guys already.

Au Natural Minions 2

This is Au Natural Minions 2, which was one of my favorite minons in the movie.


There are 15 Minons to collect in all.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of $28.64, using Amazon prices.  While I know some items are cheaper in stores, many of these are really hard to find.  As a mom of a blind bag obsessed child, I can tell you it's difficult to find Shopkins, Mashems and Fashems locally.  I love this subscription.  There are no searches to Toys R Us or Target, which inevitably leave me empty-handed or spending more than I want.  This is a great way to get various blind bags, without searching everywhere.  My son is aging out of one of his subscriptions, and this is going to be his next one.  My son absolutely loved this box and he couldn't wait to put them in his room.  You can check out EggDrop at this link to save $3.00 on your box.  If you subscribe for a year, you will get 2 months free.

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