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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar August 25, 2015 08/25/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

ComicBoxer July 2015 Review – Comic Subscription Box

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box for review.

ComicBoxer July 2015 Review

ComicBoxer July 2015 Review

ComicBoxer is a comic subscription box that includes variant covers, number 1 issues, exclusives first appearances and more. Boxes are $19.99/month to month and contain 5-7 handpicked comics.  ComicBoxer works with the best brands in the business, like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Boom Studios, IDW, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Oni Press, and more, so you will get the best selection.

While people of all ages enjoy comics, ComicBoxer is designed just for adults, but there is a box for kids in the works.  Some of the past inclusions are fetching  significant money on Ebay.  The Edge of Spider-Verse #2 is currently selling for around $100.00.  ComicBoxer includes both new stories and rare/valuable comics.

The Details:

Cost: $19.99/month, $18.99/month for 3 month plans, and $17.99/month for 6 month plans.

What's in the box?  Each box includes 5-7 handpicked comics from brands like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Image Comics, and can include rare and new stories.

Shipping: ComicBoxer ships worldwide!


ComicBoxer ships in a plain white box and ships by USPS.


First Look


The comics came in a clear bag and were securely wrapped in bubble wrap. I have received comics in all kinds of conditions from subscription boxes.  I liked that ComicBoxer made sure the comics are properly handled.


There was a details information card about all the comics in the box.  Each comic was bagged and boarded.

We Stand on Guard #1 by Brian K Vaughan and Steve Skroce - Image Comics

We Stand on Guard #1 by Brian K Vaughan and Steve Skroce – Image Comics  This action-packed thriller takes place 100 years from now and Canadians have to defeat their country from The United States.

Civil War #1 by Charles Soule & Leinil Yu - Marvel Comics

Civil War #1 by Charles Soule & Leinil Yu – Marvel Comics  The Blue and Iron have the nation split and only Tony Stark and General Steve Rogers can bring the two sides together.  We actually have the variant cover of this issue, so it's nice to have a set now.  After reading about the Secret Wars, I really want to read this issue.

Archie #1 by Mark Waid & Fiona Staples - Archie Comics

Archie #1 by Mark Waid & Fiona Staples – Archie Comics I used to read Archie when I was young, so I am really interested in this new Archie series.  School is starting soon and big changes are in store for the residents for Riverdale.

Invader Zim #1 by Jhonen Vasquez & Aaron Alexovich - Oni Press

Invader Zim #1 by Jhonen Vasquez & Aaron Alexovich – Oni Press This cover is 1 of 2 different regular covers that is selling for up to $10.00 online.  This comic is about Dib, who has extensive monitoring and protections, as he fears the return of ZIM, an alien up to no good.  I really love the artwork on this cover.


Book of Death #1 RARE Shared Exclusive Cover – Valiant Comics This comic is the story of a young girl and her protector, the Eternal Warrior, and their battle to “defy their allies to stop the Dark Age that now threatens to eclipse our world.”  This cover is also selling for up to $10.00 or more and is an exclusive cover only available at a few stores.

BONUS! 18 Days #1 by Grant Morrison & Javeen Kang

BONUS! 18 Days #1 by Grant Morrison & Javeen Kang  (Bonus Issue) Three generations of super-warriors meet for this climatic war that ends the time of the Gods and begins the time of man.

Final Thought:  I was really impressed with ComicBoxer and two of the comics are selling for $10.00, which pays for the cost of the box.  There was a wide variety of comics, so I think this subscription would comic book fans from a number of different genres.  To try ComicBoxer, use this link!

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