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Calendar July 21, 2015 07/21/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 2 Comments 2

Okashi Connection July 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

Okashi Connection July 2015 Review

Okashi Connection July 2015 Review

Okashi Connection is a Japanese snack box that ships worldwide for $22.00/month.   Each box is packed with about a pound of candy.  Okashi Connection changed their boxes this month and now includes an information booklet, complete with descriptions and pictures.

The Details:

Cost: $22.00

Shipping:  Shipping is FREE and they ship WORLDWIDE.  They don't ship to a few locations, click HERE to see a complete list.

What's in the box? They send a size 60 box with around a pound (between 400-600 grams) of Japanese candy and snacks. We strive to include things that are difficult or impossible to get outside of Japan and seasonal items. We also include some information about the candy, as well as a video, hosted by Karin (13) and Haruka (11), with their opinions and instructions on how to make / eat the items.

When am I charged?   Your card will be charged on the 30th (or last day) of the month.

When does my box ship? Boxes will be shipped within the next week after being charged, and they should arrive at your door within 1-3 weeks after that. 

Website: http://okashiconnection.com/


Okashi Connection's boxes were much fancier this month with their logo and the closure on the box.


First Look


Okashi Connection always includes a full color brochure of all the snacks in the box.

Collon Strawberry Milk

Collon Strawberry Milk:  These taste similar to Koala's March, but they are in a cylinder shape.  They have a crunchy cookie surrounding a strawberry filling.

Komekko Seaweed Wasabi Crisps:

Komekko Seaweed Wasabi Crisps: At first glance, I really expected to dislike these.  I don't care for seaweed or wasabi, but together these chips taste great.  They have a nice cracker texture with a little spice.

Mikan Gumi and Ringo Gumi

Mikan Gumi and Ringo Gumi:  These were my kids' favorite snacks in the box.  The Mikan are little orange slice shaped gumis and the Ringo are little round sour apple gumis.

Fancy Cast Vanilla Cream Cookies

Fancy Cast Vanilla Cream Cookies: I was so excited to get Tsum Tsum cookies.  A fellow blogger, my husband and I are all addicted to the Tsum Tsum iPhone game.  These are little chocolate cookies with cream in the center.  They taste similar to a oreo or one of those chocolate Keebler cookies.

Juu-C Grape Tablets

Juu-C Grape Tablets: These sugar tablets taste like grape candy and have the consistency of a Sweet Tarte.

Yuzu Pepper Endou Mame Chips

Yuzu Pepper Endou Mame Chips: These chips are a combination of salty pea and citrus.  They actually taste like small Pringles and the flavor is pretty mild.

Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie: These flaky pastries have a lemon filling and it's hard to believe they came from a package.

Naru Nau Gumi Berries DIY:

Naru Nau Gumi Berries DIY: Every box contains a DIY kit and this one lets you make little gumi berries.  This looks really fun and yummy.

Big Bar Z White Choco

Big Bar Z White Choco: This crunchy treat, similar to Umaibo and is covered on white chocolate.  We have had this in previous boxes and my husband loves it.

Umaibo Pizza and Yakitori

Umaibo Pizza and Yakitori: Umaibo is a great snack and I love trying new flavors.  Okashi Connection included a pizza flavored and one that is a taru coated chicken flavor.  Yakitori was amazing and tasted like fresh grilled chicken coated in a sweet honey sauce.


Bonus Snack: Pocky: Two bonus snacks were included in the box, a sicilia lemon and coconut.  The coconut is a mix of chocolate and coconut covered cracker.


Final Thought: This was another fantastic box.  I really love Okashi Connection, because it is the one box that I almost always enjoy everything in the box.  The $22.00 price point is really reasonable, considering the amount of snacks in the box.  If you want to Okashi Connection,  click HERE to subscribe and use the code Boxmom to get $1.00 off your box.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Danielle, July 21, 2015:

    Aw the Tsum Tsum cookies are cute! I picked up some of the little plushies when I was in NYC and I had to stop myself from buying ALL of them because they’re so cute!

  2. Subscription Box Mom, July 21, 2015:

    You should play the game. You buy tsum tsums with your coins and they don’t fill up your house as quick :) We have a chip, dale, Donald and Mickey plus tsum tums. I saw a beymax one that was so cute!

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