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Calendar July 26, 2015 07/26/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 25 Comments 25

OHD Dreambox July 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box free for review.

OHD Dreambox July 2015 Review

OHD Dreambox July 2015 Review

OHD Dreambox is a subscription filled with various samples of make-up, skin care, hair care, fashion accessories and many more.  Boxes are $15.00/month, and there are discounts for longer subscription plans.  I am always interested in checking out new beauty and skincare products, so I agreed to try the box.

The Details:

Cost: $15.00/month, $90.00/6 months, $180.00/12 months,

Shipping: Free

What's in the boxOHD Dreambox is a subscription filled with various samples of make-up, skin care, hair care, fashion accessories and many more.

Website: http://www.ohddreambox.com/


OHD Dreambox ships in a priority mail box and a decorative sticker was applied on top.


First Look.  There wasn't an information card with the box, but every products had instructions with or on the product.


OHD Dreambox included a generalized message about their subscription, along with a card with their social media links.

Lashem 3-In-1 Eye Bright,

Lashem 3-In-1 Eye Bright, 0.5 Fluid Ounce $30.51 When I saw the price on this, I looked a few websites, to make sure it was right.  This expensive serum diminishes the look of dark circles, decreases puffiness and redness, decreases the appearance of fine lines and nourishes the skin.  This applies smoothly and isn't sticky at all.

e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Liner

e.l.f. Essential Brightening Eye Liner $1.00  E.l.f makes some great beauty products, I own several of their brushes and their makeup is very nice too.  I haven't tried this out yet, but I like that it comes with its own sharpener.

Floral Print Tweezers

Floral Print Tweezers: $1.50  These floral tweezers are cute and are going in my travel bag.

Our Hearts Desire Round Rhinestone Locket

Our Hearts Desire Round Rhinestone Locket $25.00, Chain $9,00, Charms $5.00 each:  This locket is designed to be personalized with charms of your choice.  I have been waiting to get a personalized locket and now I have one.  I would like to add charms to this with my children's birthstones.   To buy from Jamberry, use OHD's featured consultant Heidi Campbell at www.ourheartsdesire.com/myheart.


This is a closeup look at the locket.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty $5.71  While I  really don't wear yellow polish, I might use this to do an accent color.  I like Sally Hansen's products, so I think this is a nice inclusion in the box. This did have a bit of price sticker residue on the bottle, but it wasn't a major issue.


Boo-Boo Cover-Up Boo-Boo Cover-Up $7.64 I received this in another subscription box earlier this year.  This is a fantastic concealer that covers up my dark circles, which is quite a feat.  You don't have to just use this on your face, this can also be used to cover up scars.

Perfectly Posh Body Butter

Perfectly Posh Body Butter Sample: Ah, this body butter is made with  almond, milk, and honey, along with floral and sandalwood fragrances.  This lotion wasn't a thick as what I expected, but it was very moisturizing and had an amazing scent.

Perfectly Posh Classic Snarky Bar

Perfectly Posh Classic Snarky Bar You can use this bar in the shower or bath to moisturize and remove dead skin.  It's infused with bergamot, mandarin, freesia, lily, and sandalwood, which together smell fantastic.


There were also some flyers and information about Perfectly Posh.  To buy from Perfectly Posh, use OHD's featured consultant Brianne Knight at www.perfectlyposh.com/BKNIGHT.

Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails: Jamberry Nails are at home DIY nail designs that last longer than a regular manicure.  A set of five designs was sent in the box.  To buy from Jamberry, use OHD's featured consultant Brittany Schinke at https://brittanyschinke.jamberry.com/


Beauticontrol Brown Sugar Body Lotion This lotion is designed for sensitive skin, it has a lovely brown sugar small.  It is a very thin lotion, so it can be applied to the whole body without feeling “heavy”.


Plexus Slim Drink Powder: This powder is designed to be drank in water 30 mins before you eat and it helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels.  To buy from Plexus Slim, use OHD's featured consultant Kristie Hawley at www.plexusslim.com/kristiehawley.


Final Thought; This box had a total value of $89.36, which is only counting the deluxe and full size products.  The eye serum, locket and Boo Boo Cover Up are my favorite products in the box.  I also enjoyed the different samples in the box, especially the Perfectly Posh lotion.  If you want to try OHD Dreambox, use this link to get 20% off your subscription.

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25 Comment(s)

  1. Peace Schuyler, July 26, 2015:

    Seems like a great box! Coupon does not seem to be working tho… :o(

  2. Subscription Box Mom, July 26, 2015:

    I will check on this!

  3. Paul Mikel, July 26, 2015:

    There was a small glitch but the coupon code DC1970 is working now. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  4. Julie Cayton, July 26, 2015:

    Please contact suppot@ourheartsdesire.com and let them know about the coupon not working.

  5. Christina, July 26, 2015:

    Also the prices are higher than what you have listed here.

  6. Subscription Box Mom, July 26, 2015:

    They must have changed their prices this morning. When I did the blog post last night, there was a 3 month option. I have updated the pricing and my link will save you 20%, no code needed. :)

  7. Karen Teeters, July 28, 2015:

    Correct pricing information: $15 for 1 month, $40 for 3 months , $80 for six months, $160 for twelve months. This includes shipping.

  8. Subscription Box Mom, July 28, 2015:

    If you use the link OHD Dreambox gave me (the one in the review), the prices don’t include a 3 month option and are listed as $15.00/month, $90.00/6 months, $180.00/12 months.

  9. Kathy S, July 27, 2015:

    If we order today, will we get this same box?

  10. Subscription Box Mom, July 27, 2015:

    I will find out and let you know.

  11. Karen Teeters, July 28, 2015:

    No, this was July’s box. If you order today you will get August’s box which ships mid-August.

  12. Jessica, July 29, 2015:

    I signed up for this sub after seeing this review. A couple hours later, I received an email saying that my order had been shipped. Is the email incorrect? :(

  13. Subscription Box Mom, July 30, 2015:

    I am assuming they created a label, tracking number and it went on the truck the next day. I have seen that many times with boxes I review. If you are in doubt, shoot them an email. They have been very prompt responding to me.

  14. Karen Teeters, July 29, 2015:

    I’m sorry. The pricing I listed was in error. Since you’ll be saving 20% with the coupon code, you’ll come out better anyway at $15, $90 (which will become $72), and $180 ( which will become $146)
    Enjoy your OHD Dream Boxes!

  15. Clark, July 30, 2015:

    Can’t wait to try this!

  16. Lyn McAlister, August 19, 2015:

    WDo not try OHD Dream Box! I just got mine. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post pictures on here so I won’t but what I received was the worst box ever. It was filled with Avon samples! It had the mini lipsticks from Avon, 5 different perfume cards from Avon. A wooden nail that says Avon on it. Apost cars with a tiny piece of fabric that says to take the 7 day chip challenge and tells you to glue or sticks it to a fingernail. A CD from Lifeleadership.com called Developinging Kids Who Love to Read, a Avon order book with someone’s name on it to order, her Avon business card! juice Plus chew vege chews and a business card. I’m so mad!

  17. Jillian, August 25, 2015:

    I am one of the representatives of the OHD Dream Box and have contacted you in reference to your box being shipped incorrectly with some items missing. We again apologize and have already sent out your missing items. We are very sorry that you feel this way and hope that you will see that we are improving and getting better each month with our boxes and in no way tried to mislead any of our customers. We hope you love the items you will be receiving in your replacement box. Please contact us directly again if you ever have any concerns at support@ourheartsdesire.com it is our number one goal to keep our customers happy! ?

  18. Jessica, August 21, 2015:

    I got my box today and it was just so horrible! Paying 15$ for some Avon samples, an Urban Decay lipstick that I found online for around 3$, and a tiny sample of some sort of primer that would be way too dark for most skin tones is a huge waste of money that I work way too hard for. I completely mislead. I hope others don’t waste their money.

  19. Heidi Campbell, August 25, 2015:

    I loved my OHD Dreambox this month.
    I looked up the Urban decay and found it for $10
    The Primer is awesome, It has sparkles in it which i LOVE $10 value
    I got a locket.. bling bling $40 value
    it was cool getting some extra samples from direct sales companies like avon, jamberry, juice plus and the others.

  20. Suzi Roybal, August 25, 2015:

    I absolutely LOVE my OHD dreambox…..I received the cutest bracelet floating charm locket with charms, The perfect color of full size urban decay lipstick, liquid pearl primer as well as samples from other DS representatives, I love that these are included so I can sample and try without making a huge $ commitment….I have loved all my boxes it like Christmas every month when I get mine. I have found each boxes value to be $50-$80 dollars well worth my $15 subscription….I have tried other subscription boxes and have been a bit dissapointed…I feel OHD dreambox has me spoiled…I look forward to my next box with excitement!!!

  21. Joy, August 25, 2015:

    Got my August box and LOVED IT!!!! Just the bracelet alone was well worth the $15!!! Lipstick, JuicePlus, shimmer makeup, fragrance samples, and CD about developing kids who love to reason. Hard to pick my favorite item, but the CD is definitely useful since I homeschool and am always looking for info I can incorporate into our lessons. This is the 3rd box I have gotten from OHD and I have enjoyed every single one!! Definitely worth the $15!!!!

  22. Julie, August 25, 2015:

    Just received my August OHD DreamBox! OMGosh…….I received an OHD leather locket bracelet that was valued at $40 that is just stunning! That in and of itself was worth the $15 but so many other samples and the LipStick and other samples is just a bonus!!! This is a must try for $15 a month with free shipping!! Can’t wait for next month!!! Thank you OHD DreamBox!

  23. Heidi Campbell, August 25, 2015:

    From the owner of OHD Dream Box

    My name is Paul Mikel and I am the Founder of the OHD Dream Box…. We know that many are excited and unfortunately a few people were not happy with the contents in the box they received and we are happy to make it right and do everything we can to satisfy our customers.

    What I don’t understand is the need to go online and trash a company without first talking to them and giving them a chance to make it right if in fact there was a problem to begin with.

    The OHD Dream Box was put together to send out samples and full size products. We have also included a piece of Our Heart’s Desire Jewelry as well as many other products.

    We believe that individuals in home based businesses are the back bone of American and we have given a few individuals the opportunity to include some of their samples in the Dream Box as our way of helping support those who have a desire to build their own business. We appreciate Subscription Box Mom reviewing our box and we are always working to make our product better and we have taken her reviews and made changes and will continue to do so. Unfortunately some individuals feel it is their responsibility to go online and write derogatory comments without one positive thing to say. We have already tried to help one of those who commented and unfortunately there are some people in life you just can’t please but for those who give us the chance we will do everything within our power to earn your business. I am personally willing to speak to each and every customer we have and to accept constructive advice. Thank you and we look forward to serving many of you for years to come!

  24. Lyn McAlister, August 25, 2015:

    Paul, I did go to your company first, I called about my box and I sent pictures to your company only first. When I called your company I told the girl to cancel me and I wanted a refund. She acting like she didn’t care then I took to here. Trashing your company would be the others things I could say but don’t. I just asked her for a refund and told her what was in the box. She said she would send what should been in the box. I’m sorry I still want a refund. Thank you. Lyn McAlister

  25. Heidi Campbell, August 25, 2015:

    I loved my OHD Dreambox this month.
    I looked up the Urban decay and found it for $10
    The Primer is awesome, It has sparkles in it which i LOVE $10 value
    I got a locket.. bling bling $40 value
    it was cool getting some extra samples from direct sales companies like avon, jamberry, juice plus and the others.

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