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Calendar May 30, 2015 05/30/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Space Scouts Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I received this box for review.

Space Scouts Review

Space Scouts Review

Space Scouts is subscription box for kids, that teaches them all about space.  Roxy and Jett are the two characters that will take your child on their journey through space.  On your first month, you will get a starter kit.  The starter kit comes with the program instruction, space scouts lunch box, social system poster, activity sheet, sticker scramble, souvenir toy, constellation card and cover ring, and a constellation card introduction (see photo below).


Each month, your child (recommended for ages 6 and up) gets a scout plan, magnet, sticker, activity sheet, sticker scramble, souvenir toy, constellation card and constellation activity sheet.

The Details:

Cost: $11.95/month, $36.00/3 months, $70.00/6 months, $135.00/12 months

Shipping: $3.00/month

What's in the box? Join ROXY and JETT as they scout about the galaxy guiding your child through delightful learning adventures aimed at discovering the wonders of the Universe! Space Scouts is a stellar vehicle for launching your child’s interest in science and technology. Each month, you child (recommended for ages 6 and up) get a scout plan, magnet, sticker, activity sheet, sticker scramble, souvenir toy, constellation card and constellation activity sheet.

Website: http://www.atcssc.com/space-scouts.html

I was sent two months of Space Scouts for review.


Everything was sent in a large padded envelope.


The first month was about Space Shuttles.


The featured constellation for this month is Taurus the bull.  There was a constellation card for the key ring and a story about how Taurus came to be, there are also instructions on how to find the constellation.


A sticker puzzle was included in the package, along with a toy space shuttle and a space shuttle sticker for your child's poster (part of the welcome box).


To teach little scouts about space shuttles, an information sheet was included.


A decoder ring was included to decipher words in the activity sheets.  The tangram shapes are meant to be cut out and used with the shuttle lord activity and the tangram puzzle.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg1

There were three sheets of activities, all made around the space shuttle theme.


The space shuttle theme combined fun and education.  The space shuttle toy was a hit with my 6 year old and he loved the Taurus mythology story.


The second month I reviewed was about the sun.


The constellation for this month was about Cassiopeia.  I have always found the story of Cassiopeia interesting and my son thought it was funny she it sometimes face down in the sky.


The sun label was included to be placed on the poster, the sun magnet can be placed on the lunchbox and there was a sun puzzle that your child can put together.


Scouts were sent an information sheet about the sun,  The information sheet gave a comparison between the Earth and the Sun.

PicMonkey Collage

Like with the space shuttle month, there were three activity sheets about the sun.


One of the coolest things in the package was “The smallest car in the world”.  This is a tiny solar car that really works!


My son really liked this month, especially Cassiopeia and the little solar car.  The sun magnet is already on my son's lunchbox.

PicMonkey Collage

Final Thought: Space Scouts is a great subscription for children who love Astronomy.  My 6 year old just finished a week long space camp, so he really loved this subscription.  I like that Space Scouts included a different constellation each month, and my son loves it too.   If you want to check out Space Scouts, click HERE.   Until May 31st, you can get a special summer special, 12 Space Scouts kits for only $120.00.  This is the same 12 kits you would get over a year subscription, but they will get it weekly to keep kids occupied during the summer.

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