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Calendar May 24, 2015 05/24/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Knick Knack Box Space Edition Review + Coupon

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Knick Knack Box Space Edition Review

Knick Knack Box Space Edition Review

Knick Knack Box is a mystery jewelry subscription from Alphabet Suitcase.  I reviewed the Kawaii Box last month, and Alphabet Suitcase asked me to review their Space Edition Box this month. Boxes are £20.00/month and there many different themes to choose from: Kawaii, Junk Food, and Space Edition.  Boxes ship from the UK, so there is an added shipping fee.  You buy the boxes through the Alphabet Suitcase website, or through their Etsy website.

The Details:

Cost£20.00/month This converts to usd when you check out.

What's in the box? Every month, Alphabet Suitcase delivers 3 – 5 items of jewelry or accessories.

Shipping: Shipping to the UK is destinations p&p is £3.50.  Shipping to the United States is £8.00.

How do I get one?  New boxes are released the 28th of every month.

Website: http://www.alphabetsuitcase.com/k-n-i-c-k-k-n-a-c-k.html


Knick Knack Box ships from the United Kingdom and ships in a polymailer bag.


 Everything shipped in a little white box with the Knick Knack sticker on top.


First Look


Knick Knack box includes an information card and a flyer that states you will get 10% off code for the online shop.


Many of the items were wrapped in individual bags.


Saturn and Lightening Bolt pins:  This are made of plastic and are trimmed in gold.  I wouldn't personally wear these and they are pretty cheaply made.


Star Pin/Hair Clip: This can be a pin or a hair clip.  I have never seen a hair clip double as a pin.  This is okay for a teen/tween.


Alien Head Earrings: These look like they were detached from something.  Maybe they came in strips of earrings.  These seem pretty inexpensive too.


Star Bobby Pin: This is literally a sticky glitter star glued to a bobby pin.


Star Wand Necklace:  I think this is a magic wand necklace, but it also looks likes a sucker.  It would be better if it glowed in the dark, but it doesn't


Glowing Galaxy: I had these when I was a kid.  These are my favorite item in the box and my 5-year-old is going to love them (he already has a moon).


Final Thought: While I didn't do a price breakdown of each item, this box didn't meet up to the cost.  The current exchange rate is almost $44.00 USD, and I don't see this box coming close to that value.  I was really disappointed in this box, I love space, but I didn't think the quality was there.  At almost $44.00, there really needs some improvements to make this box worth the cost.  If you want to check out the Space Edition Box, use this link.

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