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Calendar April 12, 2015 04/12/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Nandemobox April 2015 Review – Japanese Snack Subscription

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes.

Nandemobox April 2015 Review - Japanese Snack Subscription

Nandemobox April 2015 Review – Japanese Snack Subscription

Nandemobox is a Japanese subscription box that makes subscription boxes that feature yummy snacks, cute/kawaii items, makeup and beauty.  There are three different Namdemobox subscription boxes: . Snacks/Candy, Kawaii/cute goods and Makeup/Beauty.  I was excited to review the snack/candy box. The snack subscription box is $25.00 and fill with around 8-12 snacks.  In the winter months, you will get more chocolate treats and in the summer, you get chip/diy snacks.

The Details:

Cost: $25.00/month, discounts are available for longer subscriptions.

What's in the box:  Every box will contain 8-12 yummy Japanese snacks.

Shipping: Nandemobox ships worldwide

How do I cancel? You cancel your subscription through paypal.


Nandemobox ships from Japan and comes in a cute little box.

First Look


Inside the box, there was a little packet.  The pink card gives a little introduction to this month's box.  This box's main feature is the Country Ma'Am Strawberry Cookies.


There was a full-page information card.  This month's theme is Cherry Blossoms & Picnics.


Kuramucho Potato Chips: These little french fry potato chips with little spice.  They have a bit of a BBQ taste with a little kick.  Despite the scary dude on the package, these were mild and delicious.


Nori-Shio Potato Chips: These are the same kind of chips as the Kuramucho, but these are seaweed and salt flavored.  These tasted mainly liked salted potato chips, the seaweed was very minimal.


Tonton Undoukai: This is a Japanese DIY kit.  You use the candy to make little figures.  There are instructions on the back in Japanese, so Nandemo box referred to YouTube for tutorials.  I would have preferred to have a paper instruction sheet in English though..


Country Ma'am Strawberry: These are soft strawberry cookies with chocolate chips inside.  You can eat these out of the package, or heat them up first.  These are individually wrapped, so they won't get stale.


Sono-manma Gumballs: There was a pack of peach and grape gum.  The gum has four gumballs and they alternate with sweet and sour.  My husband liked the grape gum and I loved the peach.

Fruitio Grape Gum: These are tiny pieces of grape gum.  These pack a powerful grape taste and are great tasting.


Bourbon Baum Roll: These are rolled cake covered in white frosting.  These are a bit like a Swiss Roll, only without the white filling.  These were fantastic and super tasty.


Rilakkuma: These are crunchy cracker stickers that are covered 3/4 of the way with a sugar-coating.  These are very addicting.


Chelsea Strawberry Candy Mix: This bag is filled with three different flavors: caramel, strawberry and a strawberry/yogurt flavor.  These are all individually wrapped and very good.  I love the strawberry and my husband loved the caramel.


Salad Senbei & Salad Senbei : Both of these snacks are ricecrackers, only in different flavors.  The ricecracker on the left has a salad topping, which is a sweet clear sauce.  The ricecracker on the left has a soy-sauce flavor with a sheet of seaweed on top.


Final Thought: This was a fantastic box of snacks.  My husband and I had a great time trying all the snacks.  My husband has been sneaking more of the snacks, since we did our unboxing video.  I love the gum the most, but I really enjoyed most everything in the box.  If you want to check out Nandemobox, use this link.  Remember, they also have a Kawaii box too!

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