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Calendar April 10, 2015 04/10/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

GlobeIn April 2015 Review -“Picnic” + Coupon – Artisan Subscription Box

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

GlobeIn April 2015 Review -"Picnic" + Coupon - Artisan Subscription Box

GlobeIn April 2015 Review -“Picnic” + Coupon – Artisan Subscription Box

My April 2015 GlobeIn arrived and even thought I already knew what was in it, I was excited to see everything in person.  GlobeIn is an artisan subscription box, that features artists from all over the world.  Every month, you get items to use in your home, that are not only useful, but beautiful as well.  I love finding unique treasures that you can't find anywhere else, and GlobeIn delivers that every month.  Monthly Boxes are $35.00, but you can save 25% on a 3 month subscription with this link and the code welcome.


GlobeIn ships in little square boxes that are perfect to reuse!  There is always a quote on the side and this month, it falls in line with the picnic theme.  “You bring your own weather to the picnic – Gretchen Rubin”.


GlobeIn doesn't waste any space, the box was packed full of goodies.  The theme for April is “Picnic”.


 Each information guide tells you where the product comes from, who makes it and how it's made.  GlobeIn really has the nicest information cards.

ECOlunchbox ECOnapkins with Sack (set of 2)

ECOlunchbox ECOnapkins with Sack (set of 2)

India: ECOlunchbox ECOnapkins with Sack (set of 2) : $10.00 This sack came with two hand and is printed napkins.  Each napkin measures 16 x 12″, and is dyed, printed and cured bu Khatri artisans in western India.  The little sack can be used to store utensils, snacks or other small treats for your picnic.

Kopali Fruit Organic Mango

Kopali Fruit Organic Mango

Peru: Kopali Fruit Organic Mango: $4.00  I have had dried mango before, but this was some of the best I have had.  It really tastes like fresh mango.  This is filled with vitamin A and calcium and doesn't have any added sugar or preservatives.


Oaxacan Palm Leaf Basket

Mexico Oaxacan Palm Leaf Basket $12.00  Every GlobeIn box comes in a hand-woven basket.  I love these baskets and I use them all over my house.

Here are some uses for the basket (how our family uses them):

  • Storage for small toys
  • Hold that extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom
  • A centerpiece on the kitchen table
  • A way to store your nightly beauty necessities
  • Art supplies


Inside the basket, was more goodies!


Tiffin-inspired Tri Bento Lunchbox from India $24.00  This Tri Bento is made with food safe steal and is hand-finished.  There are three tiers and enough room to hold your lunch and some snacks.


The container comes apart in three sections.


Brazil All Good Unscented Sunstick by Elemental Herbs $8.00  I am super fair-skinned, but I forget to wear sunscreen from time to time (which is really bad).  This sunscreen is made from avocados, jojoba seed and burti oil.  This has a spf of 30 and is great to keep in a purse or bag.  I love sunscreens derived from natural ingredients, store-bought sunscreens often have scary ingredients.


Final Thought: This was another great box.  The total value was $59.00!  This box had a picnic theme, but all the items are useful to me on a daily basis.  I love the napkins and the quality really stands out.  The bento container will be great for my husband at work or maybe even for my son (he goes to Kindergarten next year).  There are fewer than 20 boxes left of April, so grab this box before it's gone.  You can use this link with the code WELCOME to save 25% on a 3 month subscription OR use the code MOM with this link to save $10.00 on your first box. 

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