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Calendar April 25, 2015 04/25/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Doodle Crate Review – “Papermaking & Bookbinding” + $10.00 Coupon

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Doodle Crate Review - "Papermaking & Bookbinding"

Doodle Crate Review – “Papermaking & Bookbinding”

Doodle Crate is a subscription service that inspires children 9 to 16+ to be creative and have fun.  Each monthly crate encourages children and teens to gain confidence and learn new techniques.  Doodle Crate is $19.95/Month but you can use the code SHARE10 to save $10.00 on your first box.  Each box is filled with all the materials you need to learn new craft techniques and create a cool DIY project.  If you need added help, Doodle Crate also makes videos to help you through the instructions.


Doodle Crate ships in a blue box.


I was sent the Papermaking & Bookbinding crate for review.  This craft is all about making paper and binding a book.  Doodle Crate includes a little booklet with instructions on how to complete all the products.


The information card had two sides.  The first side featured directions on how to make paper.  This paper becomes the outside part of the book.


The back of the booklet gave instruction on how to bind the book.


Make Your Paper:  To make paper, Doodle Crate included a tray, bone folder, shredded paper, colored tissue paper, mesh, and a bottle.


You fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with shredded paper, add tissue paper for color, water, then shake


You then lay a piece of mesh in tray and pour the bottle of dissolved paper on top of the mesh.


You lay another piece of mesh on top, press out the water and let it dry overnight.


Bind Your Book: Once your paper is dry, you can begin to stitch up the book.  Doodle Crate included four different colors of thread.


You glue the paper you made to cardstock, this becomes the outside of the book.


Doodle Crate included a large stack of paper, so you have enough materials to make 2-3 books.  Doodle Crate also included directions on how to stitch up the spine.  It was very east to do.


This is the finished book!

Final Thought:  This was a very easy craft to complete, but it was fun. The instructions are easy enough for 9 year old, but still enjoyable for an adult.  I personally have enjoyed both Doodle Crates that I have reviewed, and I think this would be a fun box for adults and teens.  If you want to try Doodle Crate, use this link with the code SHARE10 to save $10.00 on your first box.  There is also a sale on longer subscriptions.  When you subscribe for a 6 month plan, you will get 1 month FREE, just use the code SPRINGFF6.  When you subscribe for a year, you will get 3 months FREE, just use the code SPRINGFF12!

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