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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
Calendar April 8, 2015 04/08/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

Candy German February 2015 Review

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

Candy German February 2015 Review

Candy German February 2015 Review

Candy German sends up to 1kg of German Candy each month for 29 Euros (around $31.00).  I have reviewed Candy German two previous time, and each time, I was impressed with the selection and taste.  Mark and Natascha are the founders of Candy German and they search various German stores, finding the best treats.  Candy German ships from Germany, so you know you are getting authentic German goodies.

The Details:

Cost:  $29.00 Euros (Around $31.00).

What's in the box? Every box from Candy German you receive will be filled with quality candies picked by hand and made in Germany.  Each box will have 6-8 items.

When does the box ship?  The box ships the 15th of the month.  It may take up to 15 days to find the box.

How do I cancel?  You cancel with you account.

Website: https://candygerman.com


Candy German ships from Germany in a plain brown box.  Don't worry about the plain box, what is inside is awesome!


First Look:  Candy German doesn't include an information card, but they do blog about each treat on their website.

Eszet Schnitten: This is a breakfast chocolate.  Candy German sent milk and dark chocolate varieties.  Germans generally eat this on bread.  This was fantastic and some of the best chocolate I have ever ate.  I received dark chocolate and it was think layers of chocolatey goodness.


This is what Eszet looks like.

Super Dickmann's Dicke Kamelle : While this snack has an interesting name, the treat is wonderful.  Dick in German means thick.  This is a chocolate shell filled with fluffy cherry filling and then coated in sprinkles.  They are fantastic!


Each one is a nice size and there were six total treats in the box.


Nostalgie-Tüte Süßigkeiten aus der Kindheit: This is a variety bag of candy and is basically every candy German Adults had as children.  There are 3 shelves for licking (Leckmuscheln), 2 pearl necklaces made of sugar pearls, 2 watches with pearl bracelets made of sugar pearls, 4 cherry lollipops, 1 spinning top lollipop, 2 lollipops printed with flowers, 2 small packages of raspberry drops, 1 baby bottle filled with sugar pearls (called Liebesperlen = love pearls).  So far we have tried the pearl necklaces and the cherry lollipops.


This is a look at all the goodies.


Schogetten Joghurt-Erdbeer: These are little milk chocolate squares filled with strawberry yogurt.  I don't enjoy yogurt, but these are really good.  The filling just tastes like strawberries.


This is a look at the chocolate.


Ahoj Brause-Brocken: These are little squares of flavored powder.  I was sent a variety of flavors and when you eat it, it has bubbly/fizzy action.


These were really fun to eat.  We received orange, lemon and lime.


Haribo Rouletter:  I love Haribo and these are gummie circles that are thicker than regular gummie bears.


Bonner Gold: This is a licorice stick; unfortunately, it came open during shipment and was rolling around in the box, so I wasn't able to try it.


Harino Karneval: These are little tiny Haribo gummies.  I would normally give these to my kids, but they have so much Easter candy already.  I really enjoyed these.


Final Thought:  Wow!  This box was really fantastic.  I enjoyed every single snack in the box.  German Candy continually picks outstanding treats.  I have some friends that are waiting for me to share my goodies from this box.  If you love candy and sweets, try Candy German with this link.

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  1. Amber, April 9, 2015:

    The fizzy candy can be put in water to make a drink. That is how we did it when I was a kid!

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