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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar April 26, 2015 04/26/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

April 2015 Bramble Box Review – “Veterinarian” – 50% Coupon – 4 Days Only

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I received this box free for review.

April 2015 Bramble Box Review

April 2015 Bramble Box Review

Bramble Box offered me the April 2015 Bramble Box for review, and I was very happy to review it. Bramble Box is a fun, creative subscription for children 3-8 years old.  Each box is $25.00/month and boxes are filled with dramatic play materials. Each box has specific themes, like post office, detective, and scientist.  Bramble Boxes are very unique, and they are nothing like you find in other subscriptions.

The Details:

Cost: $25.00/Month, $75.00/3 Months, $144.00/6 Months, $276.00/12 Months.

Coupon:  4 Days ONLY: Save 50% on your first box, use this link with the code Wow50.  exp 4/30

What's in the box? Each box will contain props and play materials to fuel your child's imagination.



Bramble Box ships in a cut little box, I really love the logo and the cute little fox sticker.


First Look: The theme for this month is Veterinarian!


There is a sticker on the inside of the lid.  Bramble Box lets you know what's in the box, and what to do with it.


There was a brochure in the box that explained  the theme for the box.  Bramble Box gives parents ideas on how to create learning opportunities in the box.


The brochure gave several learning opportunities in the box.  Bramble Box included real veterinary items in the box, rather than toy items.


Duel Head Stethoscope: This is a real stethoscope, no play plastic things.  This was an awesome addition to the box.  My kids had fun playing with this.


There were sheets of patient records and follow-up appointment cards.  These are great for my 5 year old, as it helps encourage his writing.  I am going to laminate some, so my 3 year old can practice with a dry erase marker.


There were sheets of black cardstock and a piece of chalk, so children can practice making their own x-rays.


There was also a section in the brochure that helped explain to kids, all about x-rays.


Tools:  There were so many tools in this kit.  There were 2 face masks, 2 tongue depressors, fleas, a syringe, food, bandage, and a cone for the patients who have surgery.  Other than the food, all the items are real items that a Veterinarian uses.  The bandage is really cool, as it can slip on a hurt leg, or arm (no wrapping needed).


Inside the bag of food, was little balls of pretend food!


Dr L went to work to diagnose “Penguin”.  “Penguin” had fleas and needed some help.  The fleas have little pieces of velcro, so they stick to fur.  Note: L didn't want the stethoscope in his ears.


Penguin needed some medicine!


Penguin also had to have a brief procedure, so he had to wear the cone for a few days.


L worked hard to create his x-ray for Penguin.  L also filled out the patient sheet, although his insisted it was his love, not medicine that healed Penguin.


Final Thought:  Bramble Box hit it out of the park with this box.  This was my favorite Bramble Box to date!  Both my kids loved this box.  I didn't get picture of my 3 year old playing, but he had so much fun with the fleas and the stethoscope.  Bramble Box sends cute boxes that kids really want to play with.  If you want to try Bramble Box, use this link with the code Wow50 to save 50% on your 1st box.  This code is only for 4 days, so it must be used by April 30th.  After April 30th, use the coupon Finally30 to save 30% on your first box.

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