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Calendar April 19, 2015 04/19/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

Alphabet Suitcase Knick Knack Box Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.

Alphabet Suitcase Knick Knack Box Review + Coupon

Alphabet Suitcase Knick Knack Box Review + Coupon

Knick Knack Box is a new mystery jewelry subscription from Alphabet Suitcase.  Boxes are £20.00/month and there many different themes to choose from: Kawaii, Junk Food, and Space Edition.  Boxes ship form the UK, so there is an added shipping fee.  You buy the boxes through the Alphabet Suitcase website, or through their Etsy website.  This is the Knick Knack Kawaii Box Review.

The Details:

Cost£20.00/month This converts to usd when you check out.

What's in the box? Every month, Alphabet Suitcase delivers 3 – 5 items of jewelry or accessories.

Shipping: Shipping to the UK is destinations p&p is £3.50.  Shipping to the United States is £8.00.

How do I get one?  New boxes are released the 28th of every month.

Website: http://www.alphabetsuitcase.com/k-n-i-c-k-k-n-a-c-k.html


Knick Knack Box ships from the United Kingdom.


 Everything shipped in a little white box with the Knick Knack sticker on top


First Look.


Second Look:  There were lots of stuff in the box and some of the items were individually wrapped.


Plush Bear key chain: While this bear is cute, it doesn't have a manufacturers tag.  There is a keychain on top to attach this to a backpack or bag.


Ice Cream Bear:  This is a bear in an ice cream cup.  This has a hanger on it to attach to a bag.  My 3-year-old really liked this.


Candy Necklace: This looks like rolled up taffy with whip cream and a strawberry.  This has a necklace and would be great for a young girl.


This is a close up look at the necklace.  It really looks good enough to eat.


Candy: The was a package of white and milk chocolate cookies, mini sour candies and little Bobdog.  The little Bobdog candy are strawberry candy sticks.  My kids loves the mini sour candies and the Bobdog sticks.


Star Ring:  This rink is adjustable and has shiny stars throughout.



This is a look at the back, it has an adjustable ring.


Cupcake Phone Charm:  This fits in the hole where your charger goes.  This is a cute little cupcake charm, with a tiny heart on top.


This is a look at how it goes in the phone.


Bear and Bee:  I am sure these are made to look like Pooh Bear and a bee.  These are cute, but as MAJOR Disney fan, it's a bit annoying to see knock offs.


Bobby Pins: These little bobby pins are really cute and I will actually wear these.  The heart with wings is really cute.


Final Thought: This box was filled with little cute Kawaii themed items.  The cost of this box with shipping is $41.85 (to the United States).  The exchange rate right now is pretty high and $41.00 is really expensive for this box.  While the items were very cute, they didn't have a high value.  For a lower price, this would be a cute box for a young girl.  As it stands now, I think $41.00 is too much for this box.  You can check out Knick Knack Box with this link, and use the code BLAST10 to save 10% on your box.

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1 Comment(s)

  1. Anne, September 26, 2015:

    Yes, it’s so expensive.. There’s a lot of other better quality and nicer subscription boxes than u could get for 40$! I suggest you the Kawaiibox! It’s only 18.00, free shipping and u could get 10-12 items included some delicious snacks and really kawaii products!

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