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Calendar March 31, 2015 03/31/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

My Pretend Place April 2015 DIY Projects Subscription Box Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

My Pretend Place April 2015 DIY Projects Subscription Box Review + Coupon

My Pretend Place April 2015 DIY Projects Subscription Box Review + Coupon

My Pretend Place is fun subscription box for children.  I have had the privilege to review their Dress Up subscription (Jan Review, Feb Review and March Review) and their Craft subscription (Jan Review), and both are super fun!  The Dress up box is designed for 3-6 year olds and the craft subscription is for 3-8 year olds. The craft subscription has been renamed to DIY Projects Subscription box, but it is still filled with all the same fun.  

The DIY Projects Subscription box is $15.00/month and each box comes with 2 crafts to complete.  You get two of each craft, so this box is great for siblings or sharing with a friend.  You choose between boy, girl or gender neutral.

The Details:

Cost: My Dress Up Box: $50.00/Quarter.  DIY Projects Subscription $15.00/Month

What's in the box?

  • My Dress Up Box:  This box is for children 3-6.  Each box will contain  dress-up costumes, activities or crafts, and other pretend play inspiration.
  • DIY Projects Subscription:  This box is for children 3-8.  Every month, your child will receive two crafts (same craft), so this is great for siblings.

Coupon: Use the coupon playtime to save 20% on your first box of the dress up box or the craft subscription.

When will my box ship?  Your first box will be sent within 2 days of subscribing.  After that, boxes will ship the first week of the month.  Remember the dress up box ships every 3 months.

When am I billed?  You will billed right before your box ships.

How do I cancel?  You can cancel from your account, after your first box ships.

Can I return?  Yes!  If you aren't happy, you can return your complete box for a refund!


My Pretend Place shipped their box in a polymailer.  I notice they paid $7.05 to ship the box, which makes me appreciate the $15.00 box cost even more!


DIY Projects Subscription box shipped all the craft/DIY materials in a sturdy brown box.


Everything was wrapped in purple tissue paper.


First Look


Phil Mingo sent a letter to the children that talked about birds.  Phil encouraged kids to use different types of birdseed, to see what kinds of birds come to visit.


The box was packed full of supplies.


The first project my children completed, was the “Easy Bird Feeder”.  My Pretend Place sent supplied for two bird feeders and two different pots of paint.


There were two packages of popsicle sticks, 2 paint brushes, two pots of paints and glue.


The first step was to paint all the sticks.  There were quite a few sticks, so it took about an hour to paint them all.  T, age 3 didn't take as long to paint his sticks, as my 5-year-old.


My 5-year-old took his time painting.  It was nice to see how he takes his time to paint.  He really enjoyed this craft.


Once everything was dry, we set to work glueing the sticks.  My 5 year old completed his bird feeder without help.  I need to help my little one with his, but he was able to help me stack the sticks.


L had a great time making his bird feeder.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg2

These are the finished bird feeders!  T's (age 3) is on the left and L's (age 5) is on the right.

photo 1 (1)

My boys couldn't wait to fill up the bird feeders.  My husband brought a bag home from work and my oldest was so excited.


We hung the bird feeders in the trees out back. My boys were really excited to see what birds would show up.  It was a bit late in the evening and my boys were loud, so we didn't see any birds yet.


The second craft in the box was “Paper Roll Binoculars”.  As with the previous craft, there were two sets of materials for this craft.


There were a set of blue tubes and yellow tubes.  There was also sticker ribbon, string and stickers.


This was a pretty fast craft to make and easy for both of my boys to do.


My little one loves stickers, so placing the stickers on was his favorite part.


The finished binoculars.  These turned out so cute.  My kids have used them to check to see if any birds are eating the birdseed.


This is the finished pair!  They are the cutest.


 Final Thought:  This was one of my favorite craft boxes that I have reviewed.  There were two different crafts and two different set of supplies, for a total of four crafts!  The subscription is only $15.00, so this box is a fantastic deal.  I love that both of my boys can share this subscription and not have to worry about fighting over materials.  The DIY Projects Subscription box combines crafting, fun and a great low price, all in one box.  To try this box out, use the coupon playtime to save 20% on your first box.

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