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Calendar March 21, 2015 03/21/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 7 Comments 7

March 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

March 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review

March 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review

Popsugar is one of the boxes I get just for me.  POPSUGAR is $39.95/month and filled with must have products for all aspects of your life.  Each box is filled with things like snacks, items for your home, jewelry and more! POPSUGAR is one of my favorite subscriptions and I always look forward to getting my box


Popsugar has such a pretty box, I love the pink and white combination.


First Look


The March 2015 was created around the theme renewal, citrus, spring break, fresh and traveling.


The information card lets you know more detail about everything in the box.  I like that there is pictures to go with descriptions.


Knock Knock What to Pack Pad: $7.00 I never make a packing list for trips, so I really won't use this.  I like the concept of a packing list pad, but I wish there were spaces to write how many of each item.  For example, I know I need tops, but how many?   When I pack, I just walk through my day and pack that way.  Since I am a mom of two, my biggest worry is forgetting the diapers, underwear, or socks.


Bliss Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment: $48.00  This is designed to exfoliate your skin and soothe it with vitamin E and aloe.  The one thing that gives me some hesitation on using this, is parabens.  While I know there is a huge controversy on parabens, I am not entirely comfortable using it.  I am going to do some more research and decide later on using it.  I do wish Popsugar had included a paraben free product, but you can't please everyone.


Halfpops Halfpopped Popcorn in Chipotle Barbeque: $1.69  These are halfpopped popcorn and they come in various flavors.  I have a crazy obsession with popcorn (I have 4 different popcorn poppers).  I am always up for trying new popcorn, so I opened this right away.  Unfortunately, this snack fell short with me.  I thought the snack would look more like popcorn, but it actually looked and tasted like kernels.  i loved the chipotle barbeque flavor, but I hated all the hauls.


These are the Halfpops, they were not very good, in my opinion.


Samudra Pink Pina Zip Pouch: $40.00:  This is an exclusive pouch for Popsugar.  It's made of pink plastic and has pineapples on it.  I actually think the pouch is cute, but the $40.00 retail value really turned me off.  I have no problem paying more money for fine, quality items, but a plastic pouch, no.  $40.00 is way to much for this.  If you look close, there are some flaws with the plastic, and I would imagine it costing no more than $5.00 at Target.

Now, I am familiar with Samudra, and they make some wonderful items.  I received a Samudra Pouch in my Summer Limited Edition Popsugar Box in 2014, and I love it.  It is super sturdy and I have used it on countless trips.  I worry about what to put in this pouch, as I could see it easily getting a hole.


Greenmarket Purveying Co. The Archivist Lemon + Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit $20.00 This is my favorite item in the box!  This diffuser actually smells like the cucumber melon line from Bath and Body.  It has a nice fresh scent and I have it in my living room right now.


Wet Brush The Squirt: $4.99 I received a big Wet Brush in the October 2013 POPSUGAR box and I still use it daily.  I don't have particularly tangled hair, so I can't speak for how well it detangles hair.  This is a nice travel size and I will use it on vacation.


Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara and POREfessional  I am a big fan of Benefit, so I am happy to see samples it the box.  I love the POREfessional product, I own it already and it really helps to minimize pores and leave your skin smooth.  I haven't tried the roller lash mascara yet, but I will add it to my mascara stash.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of $121.68, but I was really disappointed in this box.  To be honest, I was really only excited about the diffuser and the benefit products.  The pouch is cute but it is way overpriced.  This box didn't live up to my expectations, but I still love POPSUGAR.  The April box is sold out, but you can get the May box, and save $5.00 on your first box, when you use this link and the code MUSTHAVE5.

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7 Comment(s)

  1. Stephanie, March 21, 2015:

    i totally agree with your review! i’m normally so excited to open my popsugar box but this one fell flat for me. maybe it’s because it wasn’t entirely geared towards me but i only liked a few of the items and have already given away the pad because i had no use for it :/

  2. Subscription Box Mom, March 21, 2015:

    This was definitely a disappointing month. It is a shame, because they started the year with awesome boxes.

  3. Christine, March 21, 2015:

    It is interesting, and maybe because I’m a marketer (more on the data side), that I’m aware of the psychology of this all – if they had said that pouch was worth $10-15 I think the whole perception of the box would have gone up a few points – because they say it is $40 it makes you question values of just about everything and feel cheated like they are perhaps always artificially inflating values. When boxes have nothing but exclusive items I rarely go get happy about having something only a few other thousands have I get bummed because it means they can inflate the value. I went on a quick trip to NYC last week (22 hours on the ground!) and was excited about getting this thinking once it was in my hands it would seem better. I feel as though these were items that belonged in the resort box. I already swapped the plastic pouch, I do think the diffuser is worth using since I’ve never tried one but I have a house full of pets and worry it will get knocked over unless I put it so high that I won’t even notice the scent. The half pops were that same one you got and yes they are awful – what is good is Naturebox’s pop pops – those are half-popped popcorn that are not painful to your teeth and come in 3 flavors (siracha, parmesan garlic and sea salt). I am a list-aholic but one sheet is enough. I actually bought the roller lash because I saw it popping up in Birchbox but I didn’t get one and fell for the marketing hype – now since then my Sample Society has included one and now PopSugar – and I’m sure it will pop up elsewhere. So yeah, not too excited for this box and it was the last of a 3-month and I decided to wait to subscribe again and no idea what April will bring but know I’m going to miss out on it.

  4. Pualani, March 21, 2015:

    Oct 13: my first and favorite pop sugar box…use the wet brush daily, love the j seinfeld cookbook and that rice crispy treat. This month’s box is like most since then…hit or miss. What i wish they’d fix is their customer service. I’ve had an ongoing replacement item issue with them since December’s luxe box and the amount of back-and-forth “no, really we sent it” “uh okay it wasn’t sent” “we will send it” “what was the item again?”…all in the same thread… has been such a waste of integrity on their part. I feel the same about this box. Love the diffuser and the mini wet brush and the rest is just okay. I received the new Style Co. Quarterly box and am in love with all their items. Whoever curated was on point…my new fave!

  5. Subscription Box Mom, March 21, 2015:

    I did see that box and it looks fantastic. I hope you get your item sorted out. I hate it when customer service falls short.

  6. Summer, April 14, 2015:

    I did not care for this box, which was a first for me because I have subscribed to Popsugar for over a year and have been delighted. Until now. The pouch is a joke ($40 retail? Really? ) the travel list pad is stupid and not even a good list. The half popped popcorn was awful, I didn’t care for the brush. I suppose the diffuser will be OK but I don’t use them. Same with face scrubs. I only liked the makeup samples. They need to get it together at Popsugar or I will be cancelling.

  7. Subscription Box Mom, April 15, 2015:

    Have you seen the spoiler for May? I have high hopes.

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