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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar March 16, 2015 03/16/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

March 2015 Estilo Cards Review

Disclosure: I received this subscription free for review purposes.

March 2015 Estilo Cards Review

March 2015 Estilo Cards Review

 Estilo Cards is a card subscription box.  Estilo Cards is $15.00/month and they send 3 handmade cards, stamps, and premium seals.  One thing I love about Estilo Cards, is they give back to charities.  Right now, they are partnering with the MD Anderson Cancer Center to help end cancer.

The Details:

Cost: $15.00

What's in the box? You will get up to 3 handmade cards, stamps, and premium seals,

When will I be billed? The 15th of the month.

How do I cancel? Email info@estilocards.com


Estilo Cards ships in a cardboard envelope.  The envelope is really sturdy and it keeps the cards from being crushed.


Everything was bundled up together and it was tied with a pretty string.


The theme for this month is “Bossy Pen Pal Month”.  Sea Heart City Press sent two cards, so one can be sent to a friend.  There were also three stamps and seals in the package.


Sea Heart City Press: $8.00 This is the set of cards of Bossy Pen Pal Month.  You send a handwritten note to a friend, with the smaller note card and stamped envelope.  I love the idea behind this, and I miss getting hand written notes.


Mint & Maple Designs Blue Card: This is a pretty blue card, which is blank on the inside.  This card can be used for many difference occasions.


You are Turtley Awesome $10.00 This is my favorite card in the box.  This is a wooden laser cut card that has a stand in the box.  This not only a card, but a cute piece to display.  I love the turtle theme!


Final Thought: I couldn't get a retail value of the blue card but the other cards had a retail value of $18.00.  This package a retail value over the cost of the box and I enjoyed all the cards.  The wooden card is my favorite card in the box, and I really might keep it for me.  If you want to try Estilo Cards, use this link.

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