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Calendar March 21, 2015 03/21/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 8 Comments 8

Loot Crate March 2015 Review – Covert + Exclusive Coupon Code

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  This post contains affiliate links.

Loot Crate March 2015 Review

Loot Crate March 2015 Review

As soon as my husband saw the spoilers for the Covert March 2015 Loot Crate, he was excited.  As a James Bond fan, he was really hoping for some awesome stuff.  Loot Crate is a geek and gamer subscription that is only $13.37/month (plus shipping).  Each box is filled with memorabilia, exclusive items, FUNKO Pop and more.

The Details

Cost: 1 month plan: $13.37/mo + $6 S&H. \

          3 month plan: $12.37/mo + $6 S&H

          6 month plan: $11.67/mo + $6 S&H

Coupon:  If you want to try Loot Crate click HERE and use the coupon subscriptionboxmom to save 10%.  OR Use the code NEWS3 to save $3.00 on your subscription.

What's in the box?  Each month you get over $40.00 worth of loot curated around a geeky theme, for less than $20.00 a month.

Shipping:  Loot Crate ships to the US, Canada, Australia, and England.

When does Loot Crate ship? Loot Crates are sent out once each month, scheduled to begin shipping on the 20th unless otherwise specified. Signups are taken until 9pm PT on the 19th. If you signup after 9PM PT on the 19th, your first crate will come in the following month.

When am I charged? For one month subscriptions: You are charged at the time of signup and then the same date each month based on that signup date.* For example, if you signed up on the 28th then your renewal would be the 28th of each month.

For 3/6 month subscriptions: You are charged at the time of signup and then the same date each subscription period based on that signup date.** For example, if you signed up on the 28th then your renewal would be the 28th of each 3/6 months.

**If your subscription signup is between the 11th-19th of a month, your renewal will be moved to the 10th of the following subscription period. This will be reflected on your user account.


Loot Crate ships worldwide and comes in a black box.  The box was a bit longer and flatter than previous boxes.


First Look:  When my husband and I saw the shirt, we knew the box was going to be awesome.

The Loot Crate magazine features an article on Silver Screen Spies, which is a great read.  There is also a full list of contents in the back and a way for you to win the Mega Crate.


EXCLUSIVE Special Agent Dossier Notebook 2 Pack (Field Notes)  $6.63  These are a special Loot Crate “spy” edition.  There is graph paper inside, perfect for planning your next tactical move.


Here is a look inside.


The front cover has a calendar and the back cover has a place for finger prints and a ruler.


EXCLUSIVE Orphan Black Comic Book $3.99  This is an exclusive cover for the first comic, in the new series.  Orphan Black is a really cool Canadian Sci Fi series.  My husband and I aren't into comic books, but I like the cover.


EXCLUSIVE Replica Agents of Shield Lanyard:  This is an official replica of the agent pass/ID used on the show Agents of Shield.  It comes with a lanyard and a certificate of authenticity.  My husband is going to put this with his collectibles at work.


EXCLUSIVE Bond: This is Stirred T-Shirt: min $15.00:  This shirt was designed by J Salvador and made just for Looters.  This is one of the coolest Loot Crate shirts.  Of course, James Bond loves his martinis shaken, so he is very sad his drink is stirred.


Here is a bigger image of the shirt.


There was an exclusive download of Ninjak #1.  I don't know anything about this, other than it's a comic series.


Mad Libs Spy Version $3.99  I remember Mad Libs as a kid, which turned into dirty Mad Libs as a teen.  This is a spy version.  If you have never heard of Mad Libs, you fill out various adjectives, nouns etc.  Once you are done, you fill them in the appropriate blanks and they make for a funny read.


EXCLUSIVE Field Agent Blink Time Wrist Watch: $8.01  This is the perfect spy watch.  When you press the screen, the time appears, then the screen turns black again.  This is a really fun watch.


EXCLUSIVE Paracord Survival Bracelet: This is not any ordinary bracelet.  The strands are made with military grade parachute cord and this can turn into a survival tool.  Simply unglue the bracelet and this becomes a tourniquet, fishing line and more.  My husband is former military and he loves this.


No Loot Crate would be complete without the Loot Crate button.


The book featured a cool spy computer.  You can type in the address or use the QR code and download “LIFELOCK”, an app to store all your personal information.  I will admit, I was hoping for some secret spy mission, but the app is useful.  Update: Thank you Brian for letting me know this!  The web address DOES work, and there is a secret mission (and it's awesome).  Even though this is a review, you should try to figure it out.  You do need to figure out the encrypted login to access the secret mission.

When you complete this mission, you will get an important message and something to do.  Let me know if you do this mission.  I loved it!


 Final Thought:  As with previous boxes, there were several EXCLUSIVE items, so it was hard to get an actual retail value.  Based on online prices, this box is easily worth $37.62, which is way over the cost of the box.  My husband loves Loot Crate and this box was one of our favorites.  My husband loves all kinds of spy movies, so this box was made for him.  The secret mission brought this box over the top!  This is a fantastic box!  If you want to try Loot Crate click HERE and use the coupon subscriptionboxmom to save 10%.  OR Use the code NEWS3 to save $3.00 on your subscription.

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You can see my FULL coupon list HERE.

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8 Comment(s)

  1. alex chidester, March 22, 2015:

    whats the actual code that you have to put into the website ?
    all i get is that the first letter is n

  2. Brian, March 22, 2015:

    I strongly recommend you try that URL again. It does actually lead to a secret mission that is absolutely worth your time.

  3. Subscription Box Mom, March 22, 2015:

    OH MY, Thank you Brian! That was awesome!

  4. Senny, March 23, 2015:

    COOLEST shirt ever! This was my favorite loot crate yet!

  5. Subscription Box Mom, March 23, 2015:

    It was an awesome shirt. Did you go to the web address on the box?

  6. Kryshiny, April 1, 2015:

    I co.pleted the secret mission almost a week ago but haven’t received an email or anything. Did anyone else experience this?

  7. Subscription Box Mom, April 1, 2015:

    I haven’t received anything either, but I think you are getting an extra item in the April box.

  8. Kryshiny, April 1, 2015:

    Ok! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one 😛 thank you!

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