Ipsy Eyelash Curler Update – February 2015

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Ipsy Eyelash Curler Update - February 201

Ipsy Eyelash Curler Update – February 2015

You might have heard the buzz around the Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler from this month’s Ipsy bag.  I had seen a couple of pictures where it had pulled out some eyelashes, but honestly, didn’t give it much thought.  I guess Ipsy has been flooded with emails about this, so Ipsy has released an official statement (see below).


So it looks like the misalignment is a rare thing, but it does give me some concern.  I guess I need to look at the curler and make sure it is aligned before each use.  To be honest, I never have never been nervous around eyelash curlers.  I will be extra careful with this one, and may just stick to my Cover Girl eyelash curler.

If you do have a curler that is misaligned, contact IpsyCare.

Do you have this eyelash curler?  What do you think of Ipsy’s statement?

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3 thoughts on “Ipsy Eyelash Curler Update – February 2015

  1. Lisa Hillmer

    I hadn’t read anything about the eyelash curler, unfortunately, before I attempted to use mine this morning. The red cushion was aligned properly and it worked on my right eye. When I went to curl my left lashes, the side of the whole curler broke, hitting my eye socket bone and the skin next to my eye, pulling out about a dozen lashes in the process. I’m lucky it didn’t damage my eye.


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