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Calendar February 3, 2015 02/03/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

FilterSnap Review – Air Filter Subscription Box

Disclosure: I received this box free for review.  This post contains affiliate links


FilterSnap is an air filter subscription service.  Now, getting a subscription of air filters, may not be the most exciting subscription service, but it is very useful.  FilterSnap has three different kinds of filters: basic, standard and ultimate.  Each one of the filters has a MERV rating, which is an official rating scale of air filters.  I actually never knew such a system existed.  The MERV rating makes it easier to compare filters across brands.  FilterSnap also has a money back guarantee.  If you don't like your filter, you can get your money back!

The Basic Filter is $14.00 for 3 months.  The basic filter protects against pollen, dirt/dust, pet dander and virus carriers/

The Standard Filter is $17.00 for 3 months.  The standard filter protects against everything the basic does, plus smog and smoke.

The Ultimate Filter is $22.00 for 3 months.  The ultimate filter protects against everything the basic and standard filters do, plus lead dust, oil smoke and
micro allergens

I was sent the Standard filter for review.  My filter is a 20x20x1.

003My filter came in a big brown box, just the shape of an air filter.


The filter seemed well made and seemed just as sturdy as the store brands I usually buy.


The other side of the filter was gold in color.  It seemed thick and able to filter out a number of things.


This is a closer look at the filter.

Final Thought: It's hard to give review about the filter itself, because there is no easy way to test it.  I do think it matched the quality of my current Filtrete filter.  The standard filter is $17.00 for a filter that will last you 3 months.  I can't quite remember what I paid last time for mine, but the price doesn't seem far off.  I am one of those people who forget to change their air filter.  Normally I would use Amazon for a subscribe and save, but they don't do that for air filters.  I really love that FilterSnap delivers the air filters I need, on the schedule I need them.  I have two small kids, a husband and two jobs, remembering my air filter doesn't usually happen.  Remember, if you try FilterSnap and aren't satisfied, you can get a refund!  You can check out FilterSnap HERE and get your first FILTER FREE., no shipping fees.  You must use a regular credit card and not a prepaid card to sign up.

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  1. Blakeley Southern, July 9, 2015:

    This seems like such a good service to receive. It is always hard to remember when to replace your filters. It makes a lot of sense for a company to just send out the filter when you need it. That way you never forget when it is time to replace your filter and you will save money on inefficiencies in your air filtration process in your home.

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