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Calendar February 23, 2015 02/23/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

February 2015 Urthbox Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  This post contains affiliate links.


Urthbox is healthy food subscription box that sends full size snacks that are typically non-gmo, organic and all natural.  When you sign up, you can choose between Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet box options.  When you subscribe, you choose between mini, small, medium and large.  I was sent the Classic Large box for review.

The Details:

Cost: Mini $9.00/month, Small $19.00/month, Medium $29.00/month, and Large $49.00/month

CouponUse this link with the code CRUNCHWEEK to save $5.00 on your box.

What's in the box?  Each box is filled with full size snacks that are non-gmo, organix, and all natural.  The mini box contains 4-5 products, small 8-10 products, medium 14-16 products, large 20-24 products.

Shipping:  Urthbox ships to the United States and Canada

How do I cancel? To avoid getting the next month's box, email your cancellation request by the end of the month to support@urthbox.com.


Urthbox shipped in a giant box by USPS.


First Look


There wasn't a traditional information card, just a title card with the month and type of the box.


Purps Vita: $2.00 You drop this in a bottle of water for added vitamin A,b-complex, C, D, E.  This is a mix of mangosteen, maqui berry, acai berry, blueberry, grape, and blackberry.  I am not wild about drop in flavoring, but I will try this after a run.


Oskri Crunchies Pecan & Raisin $1.50 This is a cross between cereal and granola.  It was really soft, chewy and tasty.  I like the mix of nuts and fruits.


Nothing But Granola Cookies $2.02  These cookies are 100% natural, non gmo, and gluten free.  My husband tried these and said they tasted like a granola bar in cookie form.  The cherries and cranberries make it takes really good.


Unreal Peanut Butter Cups $1.99 I love Unreal!  These peanut butter cups taste amazing and are free from hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, GMOs, or artificial colors and flavors.


Copper Cowbell Cheese Cinnamon Cream Cheese $2.00 for 2  These are individual containers of cinnamon flavored cream cheese.  I don't like cream cheese, unless it is hidden in a dish and no one tells me.  I am going to give these to my husband or my parents.  This would be a nice snack to have at a desk for quick snacks (providing you like cream cheese).


Nunes Farms Almonds, Sweet Chipotle $4.16 for 2  I love almonds and they are very healthy.  They have a mix of sweet and spicy


Made Good Strawberry Organic Granola Minis $2.50 for 2  These are little clusters of toasted oats and strawberries.  These are also organic, vegan, kosher, and nut free.


Malabar Black Pepper Pork Clouds: $1.49  My husband loves Pork Clouds.  These are flavored with Malabar Black Pepper and the bag has only 100 calories and 0 carbs.


Bounce Natural Energy Ball: Coconut and Macadamia : $3.68 for 2 Since this has coconut in it, I didn't try this.  This is a mix of coconut, macadamia, whey protein and cranberries.  This has 8 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and 100% natural.


Little Bread Hen Flatbed Crackers $2.50 for 2 These multigrain crackers are gluten-free and filled with 7 grains.  These actually look like a plastic cracker but they taste pretty good with some cheese.


Coconut Organic CocoBacon $6.00 for 2  It's no secret that I hate coconut, but the bacon had me intrigued about this snack.  My husband (my coconut hating buddy) and I agree to taste it together.  We actually had two bites but ultimately didn't care for it.  The bacon taste was pretty good, but we don't like the consistency of coconut.  This snack is gluten-free, vegan, and is a healthy choice of fats.


Gourmet Nut Trail Bites Mangos & Cranberries $6.00 est These little granola bites are soft and chewy with bits of fruit.  These are pretty good and are a nice healthy snack.


Bakery On Main Apple Raisin Walnut  $2.58  This is a combination of rice clusters, toasted corn, apples and raisins.  I haven't tried this yet, but it looks good.


Think Fruit Dried Fruit Snacks: Pineapple Tidbits $3.02 for 2  My family loves fruit in all forms, so these will be gone in no time.


Purity Organic Watermelon Strawberryade $4.67  This is a nice mix of watermelon and strawberry flavors.  I really loves this juice and it has only 60 calories per serving.


Crispy Green Crispy Fruit Cantaloupe: $2.38 These are freeze-dried cantaloupe pieces.  I love this is only fruit and there is no added sugar.  These are really good.


Final Thought:  This box had a total value of $48.49.  I normally wouldn't break down a box by individual snacks, but given the price of the box, I wanted to make sure the value was there.  I was pleased the value was basically the same cost to the box.  I thought there was a huge range of snacks and most of them were a hit with me (minus the coconut).  My one issue is the wording that they send full size snacks.  To me, full size is a large bag, not individual snacks.  I think the value of Urthbox is there, but I wish they would clarify “Full Size”.  If you are interested in Urthbox, use this link with the code CRUNCHWEEK to save $5.00 on your box.

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