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Calendar February 18, 2015 02/18/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

February 2015 Global Delights Review

Disclosure: This box was received free for review purposes.


Global Delights is a food subscription box that sends at least 7 snacks from all over the world.  Global Delights is $36.00/month and they hand-pick some of the best snacks.  I got the opportunity to review their first box back in June 2014 and it was a nice box.  I was excited to try out the February box this month.

The Details

Cost: $36.00

Shipping: Free.  An additional $5 will be added to orders shipped to Hawaii or

What's in the box? You will receive at least seven international food items. They aim to bring you a wide variety of food types from a multitude of countries

When am I billed? You will be billed on the first of every month, prior to the shipment of that month's box.

How do I cancel? Fill out this cancellation form. You must cancel by the end of the month in order to not receive the next month's box.  For example, if you cancel on the 3rd you will still receive that month's box, the cancellation will be in effect the next calendar month.


Global Delights ships a large box, packed full of snacks.


First Look


Global Delights includes a little information card with everything listed in the box and where the snack is from.  There was also a note that expiration dates are worded differently internationally.


Japan – Tomato Pretz: My husband really loved these and has claimed them for himself.  These are cracker/pretzel sticks that have a tomato seasoning on them.  They come with 4 individual bags, so they won't all go stale.


This is what they look like.


Austria – Orange Lemon Refreshment Rod: These are chocolate rods with liquid lemon and orange flavoring in the middle.  I don't like fruit and chocolate mixed together, so my husband tried these.  He thought they tasted good, but the liquid center was a bit of a surprise.


This is a look inside the box.


Taiwan – Jelly Strips:  This is a giant bag of jelly candy.  I can't believe Global Delights can put that much snacks in the box.  These have a strong fruity fragrance, which is a bit unpleasant when you first eat it.  It quickly dissipates and the jelly candy is pretty good.


This is a look at what they look like.


China – Hongyuan Candy (Guava) This is a huge bag of guava candy and it is amazing.  They are all individually wrapped and taste like guava.  This is by far my favorite treat in the box.


This is a look at the candy


England -Hula Hoops: These are little round chips that taste like the classic Pringles, but are much harder to eat.  They are as hard, or maybe a little harder than a Frito.


These have a nice flavor, I just wish they were easier to eat.


Netherlands – Cheese Crispies: These were my second favorite item in the box.  These are little flaky crackers that are cheese flavored with Parmesan.


These are great by themselves, or could go great with tomato soup.


Philippines: Chewy Milk Candy w/ Ripe Jackfruit:  My husband and I were not crazy about this treat.  These are soft chews that have a fruit and milky taste.  I didn't like the milky taste at all.  These were not for us.


Here is a closer look.

Philippines Afobo Cracker Nuts: These have a crunchy sweet coating and a nutty interior.  These were really good.


This is what they look like.  Very tasty.


Final Thought: My husband and I really enjoyed this box.  I was really impressed with the size of each snack.  For $36.00, I really feel you get your money's worth.  I couldn't do a full retail breakdown, due to the hard to find nature of some of these snacks, but they were all nice size.  The bags of jelly strips and Hongyuan Candy are huge.  If you love trying treats from all over the world, check out Global Delights HERE.

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