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Calendar January 14, 2015 01/14/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Popsugar Must Have Box January 2015 Review + Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links


It's always a good day when my POPSUGAR Must Have Box arrives.  I always know what is in my box, because I post spoilers, but it's fun to have everything in hand.  POPSUGAR is $39.95/Month and you can save $5.00  on your first box, when use the code MUSTHAVE5 


My box was pretty heavy, and I couldn't wait to open it.


First Look


POPSUGAR always includes an information card with everything in the box


Here is a look at the information card.


Jack+Lucy Pom Pom Hat $32.00  POPSUGAR sent gloves last year by the same company.  I can't find their company online though.  This hat is amazing.  I have a giant head, so most hats are tight.  This is super roomy and fits my head perfectly.  I really want two more of this hat.  I need one to wear every day, one to run in and one to have as a spare.  This is one of the first hats I have ever had, that really fit well.

image (40)

This is me in the hat.  I am truly ecstatic!


KeepCup Brew 12oz $26.00  This cup is designed to replace the fancy  disposable Barista type cups.  This cup is designed to keep your beverage warm and contained.  This is a really nice cup, but I don't drink coffee.  I might end up gifting this.



manduka eQua Yoga Hand Towel $16.00  This Yoga towel is designed to absorb the nasty sweat during your workout.  This is going on my treadmill for my runs.  I am really excited about this too!


ToGoSpa Ice Water Eyes $12.50 These little gel packs help reduce puffiness and dark eye circles.  I stay up much too late, so these will come in handy.


Nature Valley Protein Granola $3.68  I don't really like granola, but since it is peanut butter and chocolate, I decided to give it a try.  This was quite good and is a healthy dose of protein.  This tastes similar to those no bake cookies.  I am going to likely eat this as a snack or cereal, but you can also put it on cereal, yogurt and more.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream $28.00  This cream is designed to combat dry skin and moisturize your skin.  You can also use this to treat eczema.  My youngest son has eczema, so I am going to try this on him.


Skin Jewel Tattoos (Empire) $18.00 This is a sponsored product by the new tv show EMPIRE.  You can wear these anywhere on your body or as nail art.  The information card says POPSUGAR has information on their website, on how to use these as nail art.  I love doing new thing to my nails, so I want to try this for that.


 Here is a look at the designs.  I am sorry about the glare, but they were really hard to photograph.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of $136.18.  I loved this box for the hat and yoga towel.  Truly, I would be happy with this box, if it just had the hat.  If you have a big head, you know the pain of trying to find a hat that fits.  I wasn't crazy about the other items in the box, but the lotion will come in handy.  If you want to try POPSUGAR, click HERE and use the code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5.00 on your first box.  This offer expires 1/16 at 2pm PT.

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