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Calendar January 29, 2015 01/29/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

January 2015 Sudsy & Company Review + Coupon

Disclosure: I received this box for review purposes.

January 2015 Sudsy & Company Review + Coupon

January 2015 Sudsy & Company Review + Coupon

Sudsy Box is a fantastic artisan soap subscription box.  Boxes are $20.00/month and are filled with 3 bars of soap, plus a bonus item.  Recently, Sudsy Box and Heidi's Artisan Soap, combined to form Sudsy & Company.  Nothing has changed with the quality of the soaps or their awesome customer service, they are just a better, stronger company now.  They do have a new line of products called “Sudsy Luxe”.  This is a line of premium, luxury products. I really love the soaps from my Sudsy's boxes.  I am normally a body wash kind of girl, but these bar soaps are so well made, I feel clean and smell fantastic, each time I use them.


The box looked like the same Sudsy Box I am used to.  The box actually shipped in a priority mail poly mailer bag.  As soon as I took the box out of the bag, I could smell the wonderful scents.


First Look:  Inside the lid was a sticker “Everyone deserves a little box of luxury”.


Second Look


The information card had flowers printed on the background.  I love the little touches Sudsy & Company does, to present a beautiful box.  There were descriptions of each item in the box.


Wild Rose:  $7.00 This beautiful bar of soap is made with rose oil;. dried rose petals, and Rose Kaolin Clay.  This soap is made as an anti-inflammatory and to calm and improve your mood.  This bar also helps with dry, inflamed or itchy skin.  My kids and husband has eczema, so I hope this works for them.  This doesn't have a strong floral smell, it's actually quite mild.


A Closer Look:  This is the soap.  How gorgeous is this soap?  I love the look of this soap and I just want to sit it on my counter for decoration.


Woodland Mint:  $6.00 This is by far my favorite scent of the box.  I love mint, jasmine and eucalyptus scents in my soaps.  This is made with cocoa and chlorella.  It has a great mint smell that really opens your senses and relaxes you.  I tried this out and it's a phenomenal soap.  This moisturized my skin and left it smelling fantastic.


A Closer Look:  This is what Woodland Mint looks like, I love the green swirl.


Orange Mocha Expresso $6.00  I am not a huge fan of orange and chocolate together, so I wasn't sure if I would like this.  This is a rather soft blend of the scents and it doesn't have an overwhelming smell like I expected.  This is made with coffee, which works as an exfoliate.  This is also made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, castor oil, and orange essential oil.


A Closer Look:  This is a more plain-looking bar but it did leave my hands soft.


Pamper Me Bath Tea: $3.00  This is a great bag of bath goodness.  This is not a tea you drink in the tube, rather, it is a bath soak.  This is made with lavender buds, rode petals, oatmeal and dead sea salt.  I had a particularly hard day, and tried this out.  The smells really took me away from my troubles, and left me relaxed.


A Closer Look: This is what the bath tea looks like.  You don't dump this straight in your bath, you just stick the whole bag in the tube and let it steep.  As you squeeze the bag, more fragrance and salt, oatmeal and essential oils are releases.


Final Thought: This box had a total value of $23.00.  I really enjoy getting this box.  Sudsy & Company send spa quality soaps to your door at a fantastic price.  I really loved the Woodland Mint bar and I am going to have to get more.  That mint smells takes me to a place of peace and relaxation.  As a converted bath lover, the bath tea was also a luxurious experience.  If you are looking for a pampering, spa, soap subscription, check out Sudsy & Company.  Be sure to click here and use the code BOX20 to save 20% on your subscription.

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  1. Sudsy Box, January 29, 2015:

    Thanks for the great review! We are so glad that you enjoyed your bath tea time.

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