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Calendar January 15, 2015 01/15/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 2 Comments 2

January 2015 Love with Food Review + FREE Box

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links


I have been waiting for my Love with Food box for a few days.  I normally don't pay much attention to when it's going to come, but I was extra excited this month.  I didn't remember any of the spoilers for January, so this month was a total surprise.  The Tasting box is $10.00/month and comes with 8 or more snacks.  If you have a big family, or just want a bigger box, the Deluxe box is $19.95/month and packs a whopping 16-20 snacks.  There is also Gluten Free box that is $24.50/month and you get 8-12 gluten-free snacks.  Right now you can try Love with Food for FREE, just click HERE and get your first box free (just pay $2.00 shipping).  You will get the Tasting box free.


I couldn't wait to open this little red box.
004First Look


The theme for January 2015 is Live, Laugh, Restore


Love with Food sends an information card brochure with all the snacks in the box and their descriptions.  Love with Food with also tell you if a snack is gluten-free, vegan and non-gmo.


Cassava Pops by Wai'Lana: These chips are 100 calories and the chips are baked non fried.  They have the consistency of a Muncho chip, with a slightly different taste.  These are flavored with sea salt.  I really liked these and I want to get more from the Love with Food store.


Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs by Britt These are dark chocolate covered cacao nibs.  These tasted like dark chocolate covered crunchy chocolate bits.  These were really good.

Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut Minis Ugh, my husband and I hate coconut.  We also hate Luna bars, so this is one big fat no way.  I won't be eating or trying this.  This is gluten-free and Love with Food says this is a great source of energy.


Alter Eco Truffles These are made with Puruvian chocolate and is 99.97% organic, and made with 81% fair trade ingredients.  My husband tried this and really enjoyed it.  It had a crunchy outer coating, with a creamy chocolate center.


Somersaults (Salty Pepper): I have had these in a previous box and they were cinnamon and sugar.  These little nuggets are made with sunflower seeds and toasted grains. These have a grainy, pepper taste.  These were good, but I wouldn't buy them in a store.


Breakfast in Paris tea- Black tea by Stash This gluten-free and vegan black tea has notes of lavender and bergamot.  My husband likes black tea, so this will be his.


Big Slice Kettle Cooked Apples I received these in a previous subscription box, and I really enjoyed them.  These are non gmo, gluten-free and are an excellent source of energy.

PicMonkey Collage

Bobalu In Shell Almond These in shell almonds are fantastic.  I love almonds.  They are salty with a hint of sweet.  I liked that I had to take the almond out of the shell, because I ate fewer almonds that way.


Love with Food is having a YouTube contest.  If you film a 1 minute video, telling people why Love with Food is great, you can win a $100.00 gift card.


There were several coupons and gift cards in this box.  There were coupons for big slice, cafe britt, and stash tea.  There was also a $15.00 gift card for Urban Remedy and a $40.00 gift card for Hello Fresh.


Final Thought: This was a great box, with the exception of the horrible Luna bar.  I love the almonds and I hope to find them in the Love with Food store.  The chips were also really tasty.  I love my Love with Food subscription.  Each month, Love with Food sends a great box of snacks.  If you want to try Love with Food, click HERE and pay $2.00 for your first box.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Little Miss Boxy, January 15, 2015:

    Oh, I love Luna Bars AND coconut. Hopefully my box will arrive eventually! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever – it shipped last week.

  2. Subscription Box Mom, January 15, 2015:

    We should work out a swap!

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