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Calendar January 19, 2015 01/19/15 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit Review – Subscription Box for Fathers

Disclosure: This box was sent to me for review by Tomoson.

Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit Review - Subscription Box for Fathers

Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit Review – Subscription Box for Fathers

Cooper & Kid is a subscription box devoted to celebrating the relationship with father's and their children.  Cooper Kit is an award-winning kit designed for the modern dad, who is actively involved in their children's development.  The Cooper Kit is designed for dads with children between 5-9.  The kit is $65.00/quarter.  

Each quarter, Cooper & Kid will deliver a box to your door filled with

  • A box full of activities (6-9 activities) for dad to do with their children.  The box also turns into a toy!
  • An in-dept guide that takes you through the theme of the box and every activity in the box.
  • A story for dads and children to read together
  • A website of exclusive digital content
  • A “Just for Dad” section for dads to enjoy
  • A themed dinner menu with recipes.
  • A “Beyond the Box” section to take your box to the next level.

The Cooper Kit kit comes in a big white box.  This box was themed “How Things Fly”.


First Look


Cooper & Kid included multiple booklets of information.  There is a “Start Here” booklet that gives you an introduction to this kit and brief overview.  “The Secret to How Things Fly”is your master booklet of instructions and information for this kit.  “Just for Dad” directs dads to www.cooperandkid.com/Howthingsfly/Justfordad.  There are several articles there just for dads, like how to deal with screaming kids and where/how to skydive.  “Beyond the Box” gives some bonus ideas on activities to do, like making rocket-fueled jet packs from 2 liter bottles.  017

This is a peek inside “The Secrets to How Things Fly”.  The activities follow a progression in learning.  As dad and child learn about flight, there are activities to cultivate learning.


There was an airline food cookbook, an airline safety announcement, and boarding passes.


The Airline Activity:  We all flew with my oldest leading the way.  Cooper & Kid included a full menu to go with the airline activity.  We were going to make it, but my kids were so excited, we did it at lunch.  My kids have flown before, so L was quite the expert in airline safety.


The first section in the book is about aerodynamics.  There are four rules of aerodynamics that help determine if something will fly: lift, weight, thrust and drag. There are several activities in this kit to explain each of these rules:


Lift: The first activity uses the feather.  Using your breath, kids are instructed to blow the feather to keep it up in the air


This is L practicing lift.


The Sky Lantern is another example of lift.  Hot air rises and cold air goes down.  This sky lantern shows why the lantern will rise.   I have always wanted to try a sky lantern and I know the boys will enjoy playing with this.


004Thrust: A thrust is a push that moves something forward

Air Hawk Missile Launcher $8.29 My boys loved this.  The missile is on a trigger/shooting gun.  When you press the trigger, the “thrust” launches the missile.  Since our children are 5 and almost 3, we used close supervision with this activity.

041 My oldest loved launching this down our hallway.


Keva Catapult $22.46 This is a complete kit to build a real working catapult.  The rubber bands in this kit give the “thrust” to launch your item across the room.


My guys had a great time putting this together.


This is the finished project.  Everyone enjoyed playing with this!


The next activity uses the parachute man (see photo above)


The first test was to drop the parachute man without the parachute.  L didn't want to do that, since the man would fall on his head.  With some encouragement, we completed the task.

PicMonkey Collage

The next task was to try the man with the parachute.  L loved learning about how drag affected how the man fell.  Cooper & Kid then asked to change the weigh of the parachute man, to see how that affected how fast the man fell.


Cooper & Kid Biplane Glider: The bottom of the box has a pattern for a Biplane glider.  Cooper & Kid included an extensive write up about Biplanes.  L got to learn about how lift, weigh, drag and thrust work together to make a plan fly.  There was also information about Amelia Earhart and The Wright Brothers.

Then we put together the Biplane


L still has to decorate the plane, but this is the finished project.  We are also still working on finding the right weights for the front of the plane.


Fly High, Fly Guy! by Tedd Arnold $6.53 This is a cute book about fly guy and how he really wants to go on the family trip.  This is a great book for kids and L likes that is an older book.

Butterfly Glider: $1.00 est This was a fun item in the box.  It didn't fly great, but it's something both my boys can play with.


Here is what the butterfly looks like put together


Flugan Experiment: Cooper & Kid included everything you need to great a Flugan (similar to a Flutag).  A Flutag is vehicle with out an engine, that is build by hand and is made to hopefully fly.  My husband and L didn't get a chance to complete this project yet, but they are planning to do it next weekend.


Final Thought: I didn't do a full retail value of the box, as I didn't get a value of everything.  This box is much more than some project you can buy online.  Cooper & Kid sends a comprehensive box of fun, learning and bonding for father's and children.

My husband said “The box is a great to help a parent do a fun creative activity without all the worry of coming up with ideas. It lets you spend time with your kids on something that they will really love.”.  This is a great box for father's, who love spending time with their kids teaching and playing.  This box isn't just limited to dad.  This box can be enjoyed by any caregiver.  If you are interested in checking out Cooper & Kid, click HERE.

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  1. Little Miss Boxy, January 19, 2015:

    This is such a great idea! We would love to try this – it will go on the list!

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