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Calendar December 5, 2014 12/05/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 3 Comments 3

Solve-A-Box Review – Puzzle Subscription Box

Disclosure: I received this box for review purposes


Solve A Box is a monthly themed subscription box game that contains puzzles and clues to help you “solve” the phrase contained in the box.  Each box is $12.95 CAD plus shipping and handling.  Currently, the exchange rate makes the price of the box $11.37 USD.  I had never heard of a box like this, so I said yes when I was asked to review this box.


Solve A Box shipped in a poly-mailer bag and shipped from Canada.


First Look


There was letter in the box from an “Anonymous” author.  The letter states his/her brother was murdered and it's now considered a cold case.  “Anonymous” stole some pieces of evidence from the police archives and that is what's is in the box.  Your job, is to find a letter from each piece of evidence.  Once all the letters are found, you put them in a website address: www.solveabox.com/murder-mystery/.  This will send the information through a decrytptor and reveal the phrase, to allow the detectives to solve the case.


There was a folder in the box that contained more information.  There was a picture paper-clipped to the front of the file.


Inside the folder was the police report.  The murder happened at a poker game party.  When the rest of the guests were out of the room, one of the guests were murdered.   The police report lists all the evidence and there is a space to write the letter from each clue.  At the bottom of the police report, it says one of the guests were tampering with #4 and #5 pieces of evidence.


Evidence #1: There was half a card that said “Call Clive”.  I thought maybe “c” was the letter for this clue.


Evidence #2:  This appeared to be a phone number


When you put #1 and #2 together, you get a name and a phone number. When you you can see that the the letters “c” and “e” stick out from the phone number, so those are my guesses for 1 and 2.


Evidence #3: This is a picture of the victim's eye and a picture of the gun shot wound.  I thought maybe the letter is “e” for eye, or “I”.


Evidence #4:  There was part of a deck of cards.  Only the spades and hearts suits were included.  The Ace of hearts is missing.  I thought the letter for this clue is “A”.


Evidence #5: This is a picture of the victim surrounded by cards.  There is a card at the top of the picture with the letter “I”.

020Evidence #6:  This is a witness statement from Oscar Richmond.  I am guessing the letter for this clue is “O”, because each line begins with “o”.

Once you find all the letters, you put them in the decrytptor and it tells you if you are right or wrong.

My Guesses: I wanted to summarize my guesses for the answer.  This isn't a spoiler, as I have yet to solve it.

Evidence #1 and #2:  When you line up the two cards, the letters “c” and “e” stick out from the phone number.  I think #1 is C and #2 is E.

Evidence #3:  Since the picture is of an eye, I think the letter is “I”.

Evidence #4:  The Ace of Hearts is missing, so I think the letter is “A”.  The letter A may go into the #5 space in the answer, as one of the guests were tampering with the #4 and #5 labels.

Evidence #5: The picture of the victim has a card with the letter “I'”, so I think that is the letter.  Again, this letter may go in the #4 spot, since #4 and #5 may be switched.

Evidence #6: Every line in the witness statement begins with “o”, so that is the answer for #6


Final Thought:  I think the idea behind this box is very unique, but ultimately, I was frustrated with this box.  I would like the ability to know if you have any letters correct.  I talked with the owner and I think they are going to develop hints for future boxes.  My husband and I tried to figure this out for several days, but we are stumped.  I would also like to see a give up option.  If you can't figure out the answer, you could press a button for the answer.  I would love to know the answer and how the answer is reached.  I am stumped, given the evidence, can you figure it out?  What do you think of this box?  If you want to try Solve-A-Box, click HERE.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. AmbrosiaKat, December 6, 2014:

    I think this sounds fun and awesome. I like a challenge. Even if I am too dumb to solve the mystery lol, it sounds great. A good idea would be for them to have an option online where you can choose how many guesses you want before they give you the answer.

  2. Subscription Box Mom, December 7, 2014:

    I would love to figure out the answer :)

  3. bdckr, December 10, 2014:

    We received a sample for review, too. We completely agree that it would be better if you could find out which answers are correct. Sort of like the old Mastermind game where you had to guess the colors and order of the pegs used.

    You’ve got answers 3, 4, 5 and 6 right. Did you just want the answer to 1 and 2? Or maybe take another look at the clues first?

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