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Calendar December 24, 2014 12/24/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Kithub December 2014 Review – STEM Subscription Box

Disclosure: This box was received free for review


Kithub is a brand new STEM subscription box that sends a brand new hands on kit to kids every month.  Each month, KitHub co-founders Luz and Tara, along with other experts, design a kit based off of their in-depth backgrounds in technology and extensive knowledge of working with girls and boys of all ages on do-it-yourself projects that include robotics, wearable tech, electronics and more.  KitHub empowers students, parents, and teachers to discover fun and stimulating ways to delve into activities that spark curiosity and promote creating, experimenting and designing so kids can build 21st century literacy and skills.

The Details:

Cost: $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

What's in the box? Each month sends another hands on kit to your child.

When do I get my box? Kits are sent out once each month and we anticipate all kits being delivered between the 20-25th of each month. Signups are taken until 9pm PT on the 15th, unless otherwise specified. If you signup after 9PM PT on the 15th, you’ll receive your first kit the following month.



KithHub ships in a little white box by USPS.


First Look


There was a larger paper with all the supplies listed in the box, along with contact information if you need help.  There was also a smaller electronic how to card.

kit hub

There was a 2 sided post card that showed you how to make simple circuits and a motor.  You won;t see step by step instructions in this box.  STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, is about experimenting and learning.  You won't find step by step instructions in this kit.  Your child uses the simple instructions to experiment and develop their own project.


In the box was a laser cut Christmas/Holiday ornament.  This was made by one of the owners.


Every KitHub box includes a trading card from a famous Scientist/Inventor. This month, they included a card for Ellen Ochoa.  She is the World's first Hispanic female astronaut.

Here is what was in the box:


There was a cup and two pipe cleaners.  You can use the pipe cleaners to create a circuit.


Disc batteries, regular batteries, tape, and googly eyes were included.


There were several LED lights and paperclips for use in your circuits.


There were also two DC Hobby Motors.


We first made a simple circuit to make the lights light up.


Then we added a light to the ornament


First we created a robot with a light up snowflake and spinning flag.


Then we added a light up nose


Our final robot had a spinning flag.


Here is how we set it up in the back.

Here is the video of the working robot:


Final Thought:  I really enjoyed KitHub.  I liked how KitHub included all the materials, some instructions and let your little inventor do the rest.  STEM subscription boxes are so fun and unique.  I love fun products that require kids to think outside the box.  If you want to try KitHub, click HERE.

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