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Calendar November 21, 2014 11/21/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Koala Crate “Color Crate” Review + $10.00 Coupon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links


Kiwi Crate has created a box for younger kids.  Koala Crate is $19.95 a month and every crate is chock-full of play-and-learn activities that engage the natural curiosity and creativity of preschoolers, plus imagine!magazine, created in partnership with Highlights for Children.  You can save 60% on your subscription by clicking HERE and using the code HOLIDAY60.  You will get your first box for $7.95.


Koala Crate ships in a little yellow box.  Koala Crate is made by Kiwi Crate and Highlights.  I love Highlights and my oldest gets the magazine.


Just like Kiwi Crate, Koala Crate comes with a little magazine.  The magazine is made with Highlights, many of the type of articles you will find in Highlights, will be in this magazine.


The first story was super cute and it featured a cute koala.


My kids' favorite activity is the “That's Silly” column.  Your child finds all the silly things in the picture.


There was one instruction booklet for the crate.


The first activity is the Color Scavenger Hunt.  You lay out all the colored cards, roll the dice and then find objects that match that color, to place on the colored squares.  We played this game last night briefly, and T had lots of fun.


Koala Crate includes colored cards and a soft dice.


The next project is a water color banner.  Your child colors the banner with crayons, then paints it with watercolors.


Koala Crate included a banner, string, a full box of crayons and a complete paint set.  I love getting reusable supplies in out Kiwi Crate boxes.


The last two projects are on color exploration.  First you use the colored card on white paper to see how different color combinations make new colors.  We did this last night and the whole family had fun

The next project is the find and color game.  You use the color pad and roll the dice.  Once you get a color you draw something on the paper, that is that color.


I love the color sheets.  They can be used in many ways.  My kids liked looking through each one and seeing how the room changed colors.


Find and color supplies.  Note: There is only one dice and one set of crayons in the box.


There is also a guide to tell the parents the messiness scale and the parental involvement scale for each project.  Koala Crate also lists what skills your child will learn.


Final Thought:  I was really impressed with Koala Crate.  I have subscribed for a year for T and I think he will really like it. We haven't had a chance to do all the activities yet, as we have been super busy.  Even though we haven't completed everything yet, I am impressed with the quality of each activity.  T is only 2 1/2, so some projects are a bit old for him, but they are definitely something we can save for a few months.  He is going to love making the banner.  Koala Crate has a great sale! You can save 60% on your subscription by clicking HERE and using the code HOLIDAY60.  You will get your first box for $7.95!

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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