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Calendar October 23, 2014 10/23/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 1 Comment 1

October 2014 The Music Box Review

Disclosure: I received this box free for review


The Music Box sent me this box for review.  The Music Box is only $10.00/month and they sent a box full of new cd's, downloads, posters, and other great items.  When you sign up you tell Music Box all about your tastes, so they can included music you like!.

The Details:

Cost: $10.00/month USA. $16.00/month Canada, $20.00 Everywhere Else

Shipping: Free shipping for the United States, $6.00/Canada, $10.00/Worldwide

What's in the box?  A box full of new cd's, downloads, posters, and other great items.



The Music Box ships in a little brown box by USPS


First Look: There was an information card attached to the inside of the box.


The Springs Band:  The Music Box included a wristband and a signed autograph in the box.  I listened to the sample songs on their website and they are a great country band.  I am saving the autograph, because I can see this band going big!


The Music Box included many different bands and downloads!

TDS: This is a pop/punk band.  C liked this band and I thought they had a nice beat.  There was a QR code two download two songs.

Rivers Monroe:  This is a really good pop punk/rock band.  I really liked them.  There was a QR code to download their full album

Cult Classic: This is an indie rock band.  The Music Box included a download of their album.

Chaz Robinson:  He has a really unique pop sound that is pretty catchy.  There was a code to download two songs.

City of the Week: This band reminds me of No Doubt.  I liked them and there was a link for a free download.

3pm:  This is a punk/rock band and there were two songs to download.


Jack Pines Sticker: Jack Pines is a Indie/Pop Rock band.  I listened to the song on his website and really liked it.


The Sons CD:$12.02  The Sons is an alternative/Pop Rock band.  A full length cd was included in the box.  I really loved this cd, especially the song Better Days.


Chrysalis Focus On the Center $7.99 This has a heavy metal sound that my husband liked.


Young Ones A Tub: This is a 5 song pop/rock cd and I really loved it.  I am putting this one in my van.


Candy: As a nice Halloween bonus, The Music Box included a bag of candy and little skull ring.


Final Thought:  I really loved The Music Box.  Two of the cds by themselves had a $20.00 value.  There were three cds, music downloads, promotional bracelete, an autograph and some candy.  If you love music and like hearing new bands, check out The Music Box HERE.

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  1. Sadie, November 18, 2014:

    They have a promo code going on! “holiday20” for 20%off new subscriptions :)

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