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My Current Subscriptions

current subscriptions

I review several boxes, but I wanted to do a post, to share which boxes I personally subscribe to and why.  Let me tell you a bit about my family first.  My name is Erin and I am married to C and we have two boys: L and T.  L is 5 years old and loves Science and Weather.  T is 2 years old and is “my baby”.  He loves to eat and play with trains.

Here are the boxes that our family enjoys.  I will tell you about each box, any coupons, who subscribes and why we like each one.

Austin Lloyd September 2014 Review

Austin Lloyd: $50.00/month (T Subscribes) Austin Lloyd is a subscription box for children newborn through age 3.   Each month, your child gets 4-5 educational toys and at least 1 book.  Coupon: Click HERE and use the coupon subboxmom2014 to save 15% on your subscription.  Why we like it: Austin Lloyd is one of my favorite subscription boxes for children.  Since I have two boys, T gets many of L's old toys.  Obviously T still gets new toys for Christmas, Birthdays etc.  Since we have many Fisher Price and Little Tykes toys already, I wanted to find unique toys that we didn't have.  Austin Lloyd sends very unique boxes every month with books, and toys you won't find at Toys' R Us.  Reviews: Check out my Austin Lloyd reviews HERE.

Bluum September 2014 Review

Bluum $24.95/month:(T Subscribes) Bluum sends a box of toys, personal items and snacks for the age and stage of your child.  Coupon: You can try Bluum and save 50%, by clicking HERE using the code SHARE50. Why we like it: We have been getting Bluum since May of last year.  They are a bit different than other boxes.  They send lots of books and toys I haven't heard from.  They aren't as nice as Austin Lloyd, but T always loves his box and plays with his toys.  One of his favorite toys is a little bird in a cage, that he got in a Bluum Box.  Reviews:  Check out my Bluum reviews HERE.


Citrus Lane (L and T Subscribe) $29.00/month but you can try your 1st box for $9.00:  Citrus Lane sends 4-5 products for children from newborn to age.  Coupon: Normally $29.00 a month, new subscribers can get your first box for $5.00, when you click HERE and use the code NEWMOM.  If that code doesn't work, use the code TAKE20OFF to get your box for $9.00. Why we like it:  Citrus Lane was our second subscription box.  Citrus Lane consistently sends high quality items, a great value and my kids love the boxes.  They also have great deals on their boxes, so I have never had to pay full price for a box. Reviews: Check out my reviews HERE.

Glossybox August 2014 Review

Glossybox $21.00 (Erin Subscribes): Glossybox is a beautIy subscription box that sends five surprise luxury beauty products each month  Why I like it: I love Glossybox, because they send high end makeup, at a really affordable cost. Reviews:  Check out my Glossybox reviews HERE.

subscription box 016

Ipsy $10.00/Month: (Erin Subscribes) Ipsy is such a fun subscription. At only $10.00 a month, you get a glam bag full of 4-5 beauty items.  Why we love it:  Okay, I think I am the only one in my family who loves this subscription (I'm the only girl).  I love Ipsy's little bags because they are so useful for my purse and travel.  Ipsy also has a great value each month.  Reviews: Read all my Ipsy reviews HERE.


Kiwi Crate is $19.95 a month (L subscribes), and each month you get at least two big crafts along with Explore Magazine. Explore Magazine is a magazine that is included in every box. You can also add supplies for a sibling for only $9.95. The Explore Magazine is filled with cartoons, activities, and bonus crafts. Coupon: Click HERE to sign up and get $10.00 off your first box.  Kiwi Crate has released a new free trial project, My Starlight Lantern.  Just click HERE and pay $3.95 shipping. Why we love it: Kiwi Crate was our first subscription box and it is a favorite.  I have watched L start with Kiwi Crate and need lots of help to now, where he does many of the crafts with little help.  Kiwi Crate has help L have patience and follow directions.  Review:  To check out my reviews, click HERE.

Loot Crate August 2014 Review

Loot Crate $13.37/mo + $6 S&H. (C subscribes) is the monthly gear and swag club for those that live and embrace the geek and gaming lifestyle. Loot Crate is a product discovery box, connecting subscribers, known as Looters, with the best new and emerging companies producing gear, snacks, toys, hardware, art, and other goodies for the geek and gaming market. Each month, Loot Crate handpicks 6-8 new items to include in the box, which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered!  Coupon:  click HERE and use the coupon subscriptionboxmom to save 10%.  Reviews: Click HERE to see my Loot Crate reviews.

Love with Food August 2014 Review

Love with Food is $10.00 a month (Family shares), plus $2.00 shipping. If you subscribe for a longer term, you get free shipping. There is also a deluxe box, which is double the regular box. The deluxe box is $19.95 a month and has free shipping.  Coupon: You can try Love with Food FREE, just click HERE and get your first box free (just pay $2.00 shipping) Why we like it:  Love with Food is a box our whole family can enjoy.  There is always something for everyone and we really love finding new snacks.   We often buy more snacks in the online store, and use our grocery money for it.  Reviews:  Read all my Love with Food reviews HERE.


Naturebox is $19.95 (Family Shares) and each month you get 5 snacks. You can now pick your own snacks, so you will always know what you are getting. You can upgrade to the deluxe box, which is 10 snacks for $29.95.  Coupon: You can use this link HERE, with the code SHARE10 to get $10.00 off your first box. Why we like it:  Naturebox is budgeted under our grocery budget.  You can pick the exact snacks you want and have them shipped to your door monthly.  We have certain favorites that we get each month.  Reviews: Check out my Naturebox reviews HERE.


 Popsugar (Erin Subscribes) is $39.95 a month and each month you get hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food. Full-size products and premium items worth over $100. Why I love it:  I love getting cool new products every month.  Popsugar is one of my favorite subscriptions and it always has a great value.  Reviews:  Click HERE to see all my Popsugar reviews.


Socialbliss Style Box is $39.95 a month plus $9.95 shipping.  Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.  Each Style Box has a value of at least $100 and sometimes up to $200. Why I like this box: SocialBliss sends rendy  Reviews: Click HERE to read all my reviews.


SporkPack is a new subscription box for foodies and kitchen gadget lovers.  SporkPack is $22.34/mo plus s/h and every month, you receive a Kitchen Gadget and/or Cooking Essential, plus a number of hand selected Delectable Treats.  Every month has over a $40.00 value! Coupon:  Click HERE to access subscriptions.  When you find your subscription you want, use the code NEWFRIENDS to save 20%.  Why we like this box: This is a new subscription box and I am still deciding how much I like it.  The boxes have improved with time and I like the combination of kichen tools and food items.   Reviews: To see my SporkPack reviews, click HERE.

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