Whimseybox Subscription Update

Whimseybox Subscription Update

Whimseybox Subscription Update

I started my website over a year ago, because I loved subscription boxes, and I wanted to have a place for people to get honest reviews and stay updated about the subscription box world.  As many people already know, Whimseybox hasn’t shipped their August subscription box as of today.  I personally subscribe to Whimseybox, and I am upset about the lack of communication by Whimseybox.

This is the last posted update by Whimseybox, on their Facebook page:


Since this post, there has been no communication on their Facebook page.  At this time, I have strong concerns about the viability of this company.  It appears they are going out of business, but honestly I don’t know.  I wanted to do a post about this situation, so you, my readers, can stay updated.  This post doesn’t contain any referral links.  If you want to stay updated on Whimseybox, continue to read my blog or follow Whimseybox on their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/whimseybox

Disclosure:  This post does not contain any referral or affiliate links.  The statements in this post are the opinions of Subscription Box Mom.  Always use your own judgement when subscribing to any box.

2 thoughts on “Whimseybox Subscription Update

  1. Tara

    Thanks for the update on this. I had a bad feeling and canceled around September 3rd. I wasn’t charged this month but I know a lot of people were. It’s too bad they’re not communicating because even if they do survive they will have lost a lot of customers.

    1. Susan

      Thanks for updating us. I had received an email from them on 8/27 saying they had shipping issues and things were delayed. It completely slipped my mind until this. I try to keep track of what boxes are due when and I missed this…

      Hope they get their act together, for the most part I liked their projects.


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