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Calendar September 19, 2014 09/19/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 4 Comments 4

Munchpak September 2014 Review – Snack Subscription Box

Disclosure: I received this box free for review


MunchPak is a snack subscription box,  sent me this box for review.  Munchpak is not a healthy snack box.  It is just an assortment of some of the best snacks.  I try to eat healthy, but it is nice  Munchpak says ” Let’s face it; even those who claim to be on strict diets are guilty of sneaking in their favorite brand of potato chips or candy bar from time to time.

The Details:

Cost: $21.00, Family plan $39.00

What's in the box?  Boxes are filled with a huge variety of delicious munchies from Australia, Sweden, Japan, United States, Canada, and many other countries from all over the world

When will I get my box?  You box will ship within about 48 hours after ordering.  You will then get a new box around the same time each month.

How many snacks will I get?  You will get 20-30 snacks.

Where do you ship?  USA and Canada

Website: www.munchpak.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/munchpak

Twitter: https://twitter.com/munchpaksnacks


Munchpak ships in a brown box with Munchpak tape on top.


First Look:  This box was packed with snacks


Cadbury Crunchie This is a milk chocolate candy bar with a honeycomb center.  This was tasty and reminded me a bit of a Butterfinger.


Taiwan Coffee Wafers:  This is from Tawiwan.  This looks like the waffers here in the USA, but these are coffee flavored.  I don't like coffee, so I am waiting to try these,


Eiffel Bon Bons: These are French candies that are strawberry flavored.  They are little round chewy balls.


Umaibo- Corn Flavored:  This is from Taiwan.  Umaibo has a hard puffy Cheetos like consistancy.  It is flavored many different ways.  I found out about it through subscription boxes and I really love it.


Hi-Chew (Grape): Our family loves Hi Chews.  We were introduced through subscription boxes and they are a family favorite.  They remind me of a chewier Starburst.


Apple Gummy Candy:  These are really tasty gummies from Japan.  They have a really strong flavor for whatever flavor it is.


Rip Rolls: Rip Rolls is a marriage between Fruit by the Foot and Sour Punch Straws.  Is it possible I know too much about junk food?


Rip Van Wafels: This is an Amsterdam wafel filled with caramel.  You sit this on your cup of coffee or hot chocolate and the center gets warm and melted.


Cajillions:  These are watermelon tiny chewy candies.  They remind me of chewy nerds.


Shrimp Chips: These don't taste much like shrimp, more like a chip that smells like shrimp.  They don't have much of a flavor, and I wasn't much of a fan.


Ellse : This is from Thailand and it is a layer chocolate cake with cream filling.  The chocolate tasted a bit different than what I was used to, but it was good.  The cake was nice and moist.


Hello Panda:  I love Hello Panda.  These are little cookies with pictures and are filled with vanilla cream.


Doritos Mejor Sabor: I am not sure what exact flavor these are, but they are Spanish.  Meijor Sabor is translated to “Best Tasting” (Thanks Kristy).  These and a very unique spice taste to them, and I thought they were pretty good.


Japanese Style Mochi: These is a sweet dough like treat with mango flavor in the middle.


Final Thought: This was a really interesting assortment of goodies, from all over the world.  My favorite treats were the Rip Rolls, Hello Panda, Bon Bons and the Cajillions.  There were treats I didn't love, but it was fun trying new things.  If you want to try Munchpak and get you own box of snacks, click HERE.

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4 Comment(s)

  1. Anonymous, October 7, 2014:

    LOL The doritos are Incognita(Incognito) LMAO That does mean Improved taste.

  2. kristy, October 15, 2014:

    Just wanted to make a correction on your translation of the Doritos Mejor Sabor. It’s actually just the spanish way of saying “best tasting”. Often the meaning of words in spanish slightly change when paired with other words or based on the context it’s used in. Which is often why the literal translation of phrases in other languages to english either don’t make much sense or seem odd or out of place. “Improved taste” doesn’t exactly make me want to run out to get a bag. lol 😛

  3. Subscription Box Mom, October 15, 2014:

    Thank you! Google Translation Fail! 🙂

  4. kristy, October 16, 2014:

    Well I just noticed the flavor is called “Incognita” (mystery)…. That’s funny. Were they any good btw? Now I’m just plain curious. lol

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