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Calendar September 29, 2014 09/29/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 3 Comments 3

Carnivore Club September 2014 Review

Disclosure: This post contains referral links

Carnivore Club September 2014 Review

Carnivore Club September 2014 Review

Carnivore Club sent me this box to review. Carnivore Club sends 4 to 6 different selections of cured and smoked meats, charcuterie and jerky from across the planet.  All the meat from Carnivore Club comes from independent farms in the Midwest.  It is $50.00 a month, but you can save $10.00 when you use the code “boxmom“, on your first order.  Carnivore Club is also available in Canada. I have reviewed Carnivore Club a couple of times and I have been impressed both times.

The Details:

Cost: $50.00 a month

Coupon: Use the code “boxmom” to save $10.00 on your first box.

What's in the box? Every month members of the Carnivore Club will receive 4 to 6 different selections of cured and smoked meats, charcuterie and jerky from across the planet

When does it ship?  Last week of the month

Website: United States: www.carnivoreclub.com 

Canada: www.carnivoreclub.ca


Carnivore Club ships in a manila envelope.


Carnivore Club has really neat boxes.  The box looks like a block of wood

012First Look:  All the meat was shipped in individually shrink wrapped packages.


There is a detailed information guide included that discusses each meat, their taste and a recommended wine.  This month's meat is by Crested Duck Charcuterie.  


Turkish Salami: This is a spicy salami with a taste from the middle east.  My husband tried all the salami.  He doesn't like really spicy food, but he really liked this salami.  He said it had the perfect amount of spice.

Pairing recommendation:  A robust beer.


Duck Breast Prosciutto: This was really rich in flavor and was really easy to chew.  It had a sweet taste, with a slightly salty flavor.  Carnivore Club recommends eating this with roasted asparagus, or  a sharp green arugula salad.

Pairing Recommendation: Parmigiano-Reggiano


Mole Salami: This is a pork sausage that is cured, fermented and air dried.  This has ancho chili powder made in it.  C thought this was a bit difficult to chew and was too salty.


Pancetta Americano: This is a dry cured meat similar to bacon.  This is seasoned pork belly.  I cooked this up and it tasted amazing.  It was really much better than bacon.   I would love to have more of this.

Pairing Recommendation: White Wine.


Sweet Coppa: This is made from whole pork shoulder and seasoned with spices.  This is cut very thin and it had a really nice mild flavor.  Both C and I really liked this one.

Carnivore Club didn't include any pairing recommendations for this one.


The whole box

Final Thought:  This was a great box.  My favorite was the Pancetta Americano.  It would make a great meat at breakfast.  The Sweet Coppa was very mild and C is using it as a sandwich tomorrow.  C really liked everything except the mole salami.  If you like trying unique cured and smoked meats, check out Carnivore Club.  Use the coupon boxmom to save $10.00 on your first box.  Just click HERE to go to Carnivore Club.

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Disclosure: This post contains referral links.  I received the box free for review.  My opinions are my own.
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3 Comment(s)

  1. emiie, September 29, 2014:

    This look awesome. Curious, how much does each meat weight? Thanks!

  2. emiie, September 29, 2014:

    We are a family of four and we like meat 🙂

  3. Daniel, March 10, 2015:

    The customer service here is atrocious. Save the headache and find a food subscription where the company actually values their clients. Trying to deal with them has been a nightmare and they are so incredibly rude.

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