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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar August 6, 2014 08/06/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 4 Comments 4

Smelly Good’s Subscription Box August 2014 Review – Bath – Homemade- Subscription Box

Smelly Good's Subscription Box August 2014 Review

Smelly Good's Subscription Box August 2014 Review

Update 10/17:  I have received several reports of customers having trouble getting their boxes and reaching the company.  I wanted to pass this information onto my subscribers, so you have all the information to make your decision to subscribe or not.

Smelly Good's Subscription Box, sent me this box to review.  Smelly's Good's Subscription Box sends a box full of good smelling, handmade bath items and candles.  Every month, for $15.00, you get 4-6 full size products.  Products may consist of  body butters, soap scrubs, lip scrubs, soap bars, bath bombs, bath melts, whipped soaps, jelly soaps, soap cupcakes, wax melts, wax melt shots, scoopable wax, and cupcake candles. Scents will vary in boxes, but if you find a scent you love, you can email them and they will include that scent in your box. 

The Details:

Cost: $15.00/month, $45.00/3 months, $80.00/6 months, $150.00/1 year

Note: You can pay by Paypal!

Shipping: Ships to the United States Only.

What's in the box? Every month you will receive a box filled with 4-6 full size products. Those items will consist of: body butters, soap scrubs, lip scrubs, soap bars, bath bombs, bath melts, whipped soaps, jelly soaps, soap cupcakes, wax melts, wax melt shots, scoopable wax, and cupcake candles.

When will I get my box? You will receive your box between the 8th and the 21st of that month. If you purchase a box AFTER the 7th, then you will receive your box between the 8th and the 21st of the NEXT month. 

Can I skip?  Yes!

Website: http://ajsmellygoods.weebly.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajsmellygoods


The box shipped in a plain Priority Shipping Box.  I was impressed with the $15.00 cost, as shipping priority is expensive!


First Look:  There was informational papers on top, along with an box content sheet.


There were a few sheets, letting me know all about how their subscription works.


There was also a nice information guide with detailed information on how to use each product.


Second Look:  There was a pretty pink box inside!!  What a surprise!


I love the pink box with the black ribbon.

Vanilla Lip Sugar Scrub (2 oz) $2.50: This is a lip scrub to leave your lips soft.  Use a baby toothbrush to apply to your lips, then rince.  This is a great product, unfortunately, it leaked over the box.  I spoke with the owner, who was super sweet and it making modifications to boxes, so this won't occur.


Sweet Pea Sugar Cubes (6 oz): $14.50: These are little cubes you can use all over your body, just like soap.  The sweet pea smell is light, but smells really good.  I also love the cute little jar.


Buttercream Cupcake Body Butter (2 oz) $4.50 This is a body butter that smells like cake!  You only need a little bit and it smells great.  My husband noticed and said “You smell like cake!”,  He loves it (on me of course).


Tinkerbell Wax Melt (1oz) $1.50:  As a Disney addict, seeing the name Tinkerbell, made me smile.   These wax melts are made with chamomile flowers with hints of green herbs with freshly brewed ice tea.  The melts just have a floral scent to me, that smells AMAZING.  This is my favorite product and I want more!


Stress Reliever Soap Bar (6 0z) $8.00: This is a pretty bar of soap that contains Eucalyptus Mint fragrance.  I know eucalyptus to have a strong smell, but this is a very mild smelling soap.  My husband took this for himself and loves it!


Final Thought:  This box had a total value of $31.00.  Since these items are homemade, I couldn't “google” prices, but I firmly believe this box is worth the $15.00 month cost, easily! My husband and I loved all the products in the box.  Each item was well made and had a nice scent.  I also liked the scents were not strong and over powering.  The only negative, was the lip scrub leaked out.  I talked with the company about the issue and they are making arrangements to prevent it from happening again. If you want to try Smelly Good's Subscription Box, click HERE.  Also, until August 20th, proceeds from each sale will go to the family of a family friend Alex.  Alex was friend's with the subscription box's owner, and was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.

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Disclaimer: This box was received free for review,  My opinions are my own

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4 Comment(s)

  1. Aimee, August 6, 2014:

    I ordered a 6 month subscription. This saved me $10. I think this box is an amazing value especially considering there is no extra charge for shipping and adding the fact these items are homemade. I can’t wait for this to arrive! If the next couple of months are nice, I will send these boxes to my sisters for Christmas. That’s an amazing gift for $15!

  2. Aimee, September 10, 2014:

    I was so excited about this subscription that I ordered 2 August boxes in addition to my 6 month subscription. These boxes were supposed to arrive between August 21-28. 1 box arrived on September 5. My other 2 boxes have not arrived. The only way to contact the seller is via Facebook. I sent her a personal facebook message. I also posted on her Facebook page on September 2. Today is September 10 and I have not received a response

  3. Lisa Marie, November 3, 2014:

    I waited two months for my box that never came so I ended up getting a refund after much struggle…

  4. Subscription Box Mom, November 3, 2014:

    That is a shame, but glad you got a refund :(