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Calendar July 1, 2014 07/01/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Fabletics July 2014 Preview and 50% Discount Code – Athletic Clothing

Fabletics July 2014 Preview

Fabletics July 2014 Preview

Fabletics is a workout/fitness clothing company that sells outfits at a discounted price.  I started running last year, and I now appreciate the importance of proper clothing.  I am a frugal person and started buying work out clothing as cheap as possible.  Now, I try to find a balance between cost and function.  I have wasted money on clothing that doesn't hold up.  Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson.  Fabletics delivers high-performance athletic wear at an affordable price. Fabletics apparel focuses on fit, function and style, offering complete, coordinated Outfits for your workout and beyond.  I have loved all my outfits from Fabletics.

If you have a Fabletics subscription, you have until the 5th to choose to skip, before you are charged.  If you want to try Fabletics, you can pick one of these great outfits for 50% off! Just click HERE.

You can sign up for an account for free and then order when you are ready.  When you sign up, you fill out a fitness profile, so Fabletics can better select outfits for you


Barbados (3 pieces):  $49.95


Anguilla (2 pieces): $49.95


Boracay (3 pieces): $59.95


Greece (3 pieces): $59,95


Croatia (3 pieces): $69.95


Aruba (3 Pieces): $59.95


Mimi (3 pieces) $49,95

I love the bright colors this month, but I ended up picking Mimi, because it looks so comfortable.

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