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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar June 10, 2014 06/10/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

SPARKBOX Toys Review- Toy Rental Company

SPARKBOX Toys Review

SPARKBOX Toys Review

SPARKBOX Toys is a curated educational toy subscription service. It brings personalized / age-appropriate learning toys to children. With a simple monthly membership, parents will receive high-quality learning toys selected by experts and tailored to a child's developmental needs. When you are done with the toys, you simply send them back for more…so no clutter or waste!

I saw SPARKBOX Toys on Shark Tank, and I thought it was a great idea!  I have to admit, we have way too many toys.  I love the idea of getting toys to play with and sending them back.  SPARKBOX has a five step cleaning process, to make sure everything is clean.  SPARKBOX Toys picks out 3 -4 toys for your child, but you can change what comes in your box, before you box ships.  If your child falls in love with a toy, you can buy one at a discount.

The Details:

Cost: $23.95/month for 8 weeks,  $28.95/month for 6 weeks, $35.95/month for 4 weeks

What's in the box? 

  • 4 age-appropriate curated educational toys
  • Services Overview with our support & contact information
  • Detailed product card for every toy that include: development benefits for each toy, proprietary playtime ideas, product description & materials and any safety precautions/warnings
  • Mesh toy bag (for organization of toy pieces)
  • Return shipping label

Shipping?  Free shipping both ways.

What happens if I loose/damage a piece?  You will be charged a small fee to replace it.

How do I cancel?  Membership commitment is only 2 months. After the first 2 months, you can cancel at any time. Contact them at service@sparkboxtoys.com to change or cancel your membership

I received a box for my 2 year old son T.


SPARKBOX Toys ships in a big box. When you subscribe, your shipping is included.  Once you are done with the toys, slap on the return label and send it back (free shipping).


SPARKBOX Toys sent several pieces of paper about their subscription.


SparkBox Toys included a card about different types of development: physical, social, cognitive, and linguistic.


SPARKBOX Toys has information cards about each item.  They only had one this month, but will be included more in each boxes.  The card describes the developmental benefits, playtime ideas, product description, and why they love it.  They also tell how many pieces are included in the toy.


Leap Frog Letter Discoveries: This is a cute little game that makes the sounds of the letters, makes music and other fun activities.


T like the music settings the best.


Hape Car Layer Puzzle This is a cute little puzzle with colored layers.  There are five pieces to the puzzle that vary in size.  I love Hape toys, because they are so well made.


Stacking Tree by Plan Toys:  This is a fun toy with 9 pieces to make a tree.  You child can stack them big to small or small to big.


T loved playing with this toy.  When you put the pieces on, they fell into place on the tree.  My four year old also enjoyed playing with this?


 Scrambled Feelings:  This is the cutest set of toys.  There a book that talks all about feelings and there are a set of eggs with emotions.  This was a great toy for boy of my boys to learn about emotions.


T loved the little book and liked playing with the eggs.  He is still working on identifying the emotions, but my 4 year old enjoyed it.


SPARKBOX Toys included two mesh bags to store all the parts.  I love they included storage.  This makes it easy to pick up after play, and not have to search the house for missing pieces.


Final Thought:  This was a fantastic box.  I didn't do a retail value, since I didn't keep the toys, but I loved the wide variety of toys SPARKBOX Toys sent.  I love the flexibility of the program and that you can edit what toys you will get in a box.  There is nothing worse than spending lots of money on a toy, only to have your child play with it for two days.  This is a great way to cut out some of the clutter of toys and expose your child to new toys.  You child will have a bottomless toybox, without emptying your wallet.  If you are interested in trying SPARKBOX Toys, click HERE.

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