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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar June 21, 2014 06/21/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Space Scouts June 2014 Review – Space Activity Subscription

Space Scouts June 2014 Review

Space Scouts June 2014 Review

Space Scouts is a new subscription box for kids, that teaches them all about space.  Roxy and Jett are the two characters that will take you child on their journey through space.  On your first month, you will get you starter kit.  The starter kit comes with the program instruction, space scouts lunch box, social system poster, activity sheet, sticker scramble, souvenir toy, constellation card and cover ring, and a constellation card introduction.  Each month, you child (recommended for ages 6 and up) get an scout plan, magnet, sticker, activity sheet, sticker scramble, souvenir toy, constellation card and constellation activity sheet.  I have always loved Astronomy, and this would have been so fun as a child.

The Details:

Cost: $11.95/month, $36.00/3 months, $70.00/6 months, $135.00/12 months

Shipping: $3.00/month

What's in the box? Join ROXY and JETT as they scout about the galaxy guiding your child through delightful learning adventures aimed at discovering the wonders of the Universe! Space Scouts is a stellar vehicle for launching your child’s interest in science and technology. Each month, you child (recommended for ages 6 and up) get an scout plan, magnet, sticker, activity sheet, sticker scramble, souvenir toy, constellation card and constellation activity sheet.

Website: http://www.atcssc.com/space-scouts.html

I received month 1 and 2 for review.

The box shipped by USPS and came in a box, decorated with space stickers.


First Look


All the items for month one fit in this cute lunchbox.  All the magnets in each box, stick right on the sides.


Space Scouts sent a welcome letter and postcard that tells you all about Space Scouts.


Sticker Scramble: Your child peals each sticker off the sheet and sticks them on the appropriate box.


Wikki Stix (Toy): This is the toy in the box.  There is also a rocket connect the dots.  Your child uses the Wikki Stix to connect the dots.  I remember using Wikki Stix as a child, and I loved them.


There were three activity sheets, with various activities to do.  There is a word search, puzzles, decoding, and fun constellation activities.

IMG_9423In the first month, you get a constellation cover card with a key ring.  There is also information sheet to explain all about constellations.


There is a nice size poster.  This is really cool and every month your child gets stickers to put on it.


Complete First Month Box:  This is a great box and full of fun activities.  Keep reading and check out what happens on month 2.


All the second month's activities come in a little pouch.


The featured constellation this month is Ursa Major.  There is a constellation card for the key ring, and the story about how the constellation came to be.  I read this to my almost 5 year old and he loved the story.

IMG_9418There is an astronaut picture you child peels off the sheet (stickers) and  and assembles.  There small square is two stickers, that you stick on the rocket ship on the poster.  The Jett and Roxy magnet sticks right on the lunchbox.


 There were several activity sheets in this box.  You child can draw themselves as an astronaut,  learn about parts of a spacesuit, explore food in space and other fun activities.  Space Scouts really brings fun into learning.


Robotic Arm:  This is an awesome activity.  Space Scouts included a robotic arm to help teach kids about moving objects in space.  My oldest son really loves this activity.

IMG_9414Month 2 was really fun.  The robotic claw is really cool and fun for kids.  There were many activities for a child to do and learn about Astronomy.

Final Thought: Space Scouts is a really fun subscription, that lets kids explore and learn about space.  As a fellow science geek, I would have loved to have a subscription like this as a child.  This is a great subscription for children who are interested in space.  If you want to check out Space Scouts, click HERE.  

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 Disclosure: This box was received free for review.  My opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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