Julep 3 Month Subscription Sale – $5.66 A Box

Julep 3 Month Subscription Sale

Julep 3 Month Subscription Sale

There is a HUGE deal right now for Julep.  You can get a 3 month subscription to Julep and a free welcome box for $16.97 total!

Here is how:

1.  Click HERE and sign up for a new Julep account and pick your Welcome Box

2.  Subscribe for 3 months.

3.  Use the code FREEGIFT and get the total for $16.97 plus your free welcome box.  That is $5.66 a box. note: some people have had to put in the code lowercase.  If you are a current subscriber trying to use this deal, you many need to use a new IP address.

Here is a screen shot of what your cart will look like


The Details:

Cost: For new Mavens, There are two subscription tiers: My Maven and Maven Luxe.

Click HERE to get a 3 month subscription for $19.99 a month.  You will also get a Welcome Box COMPLETELY FREE, NO Shipping costs.  Use the code FREEBOX at checkout.

Click HERE and get you Welcome Box Free, just pay $4.99 shipping,  Your monthly cost will be $24.99 until you cancel.  Use the code FREEBOX at checkout.

With My Maven, you’ll get $40+ worth of polish & product for $24.99/month, or $19.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. Each monthly box is completely customizable.

With Maven Luxe, you’ll get $60+ worth of prestige products for $39.99/month, or $34.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. Each monthly box is completely customizable.

What’s in the box? After your Welcome Box, the contents of your monthly box will depend on your subscription tier.

Each My Maven Box includes over $40 worth of limited-run nail color and/or innovative beauty products. We curate five new boxes every month, one for each Style Profile. If you have a fully customizable subscription, you can personalize your box as much (or as little) as you like.

Note: If you do not have a customizable subscription (i.e. if you signed up for the program before 4/29/14 and have not switched tiers), you’ll still have the option to preview all boxes and try a new Style Profile.

Each Maven Luxe Box includes over $60 worth of beauty products. We curate one Maven Luxe Box per month, and all Maven Luxe subscribers have the option to customize.

All My Maven and Maven Luxe subscribers have the option to upgrade and/or add on to their boxes every month.

Can I skip? You’ll earn a skip option every six months, allowing you to skip up to two boxes per year. Log into your account during the Monthly Maven Reveal (20th-24th of every month) to apply the option.

If you do not have a skip option available, but extenuating circumstances prevent you from taking your box this month, please contact our Maven Experience Team at 877-651-3292 or maven@julep.com and we’ll do our absolute best to help you out.

*Mavens who joined before December 19, 2013 are “grandmothered” into their original terms, with no changes to their skip options

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8 thoughts on “Julep 3 Month Subscription Sale – $5.66 A Box

  1. DeaconKimberly

    Ditto on the thanks for the code! I did have to be persistent and keep backing out and finally got it to accept FREEGIFT for the deal. I played with it for about a half hour while watching TV. I doubt this is a magic path, but it worked for me when: I skipped the style quiz, picked my style selection by clicking on “show me all styles” + picking the style & just adding it + the 3-month sub to my cart and finally there was a place to enter the FREEGIFT promo code. I didn’t have to use another IP address, but I did have to create an account under a new e-mail address once because it said I could only have one Maven account per e-mail address (I hadn’t subscribed yet under that address but I suppose it must have cached it during one of my attempts.)

    PS tip: Most people have more than one e-mail address, but if you are an iCloud user don’t forget you can always use that e-mail , which is always in this format: username@me.com and usually the password is your iTunes password. I never use that address, but it comes in handy once in a while. Good luck!

  2. Sheri

    Thank you so much for the code! It wasn’t working at first but I clicked “Checkout” then backclicked and entered the code again and it applied. Not sure if that’s the magic sequence but it’s worth a shot, right?

  3. Khyla

    The “FREEGIFT” code says it’s invalid :( I’d love to take advantage of this deal, do you know another code for it? “FREEBOX” only takes off $19.99.

    1. Subscription Box Mom Post author

      Freebox is the only other code. This freegift code is very finicky. The Freebox is still a great deal, just not as good as freegift. I would keep trying. I had someone who couldn’t get it to work, but she played around with it and got it to work.


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