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Calendar June 26, 2014 06/26/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 2 Comments 2

Bluum June 2014 Review + Coupon Code

Bluum June 2014 Review

Bluum June 2014 Review

Bluum is $24.95 a month and each month you get a box of toys, personal items and snacks for the age and stage of your child.  Bluum was one of my first subscription boxes.  Bluum is different than other children subscription boxes, but I have liked most of my boxes from them.  You can try Bluum and save 50%, by clicking HERE using the code TRYBLUUM (this is on 3,6, or 12 month subscriptions).  If you sign up, I would recommend using a pre-paid card, as they can be hard to cancel.  This month's box was for my T, my 2 year old.  It is the 28 month old boy box.


My Bluum Box was held up a few days this month.  It usually arrives much sooner.


First Look:  This is the 28 month old boy box.


Bluum included a general information card about Bluum.  A detailed information card is emailed once your box is delivered.  Bluum also sent a 20% off code for Luca and Company.  


Melissa And Doug – Flex Octopus Cultivator – $5.97:  This is a really cute toy that is perfect for the sand box.  T loves playing in the sand and so he will have fun with this.


Little Learners – Busy Day Press & Play Sound Book – $12.97:  T likes anything that makes noise.  This is a cute book that has 45 sounds and seems pretty nice.


Brinware silicone number placemat: $7.50 I have received a placement from Bluum (Fruits and veggies).  This seems well made and I like the numbers  on it.  This will be a good learning tool for the boys, while I fix dinner.  I like that it is silicon, so it wont slide of the table.


I play disposable compressed wipes (20pl) and travel tube.  $4.50:  These are pretty cool.  I hate lugging the diaper bag everywhere.  It gets bulky and sometimes I just want to run in a store with the kids. These little wipes are perfect for diaper emergencies or when you need a quick cleanup.



Child Play Helping Hands Cook it.  $5.99:  SInce Bluum acquired Stork Stack, I am sure this book is from SS inventory.  Child's Play books are nice and sturdy.  Both of my kids like to cook, so they both will probably like this book.


Mossworld drink bottle tethers: $5.99:  I don't have a problem with T throwing his cup down, but I think this could be useful on vacation or just when he is in the stroller.  T likes to throw from his stroller.


Final Thought:  This box had a total value of dollars.  I like the Melissa and Doug toy the most, along with the wipes and the sound book.  I thought it was weird we got two books, but I do like books.  The drink/sippy holder will be really nice for my stroller.  T is always throwing things out of the stroller.  You can try  and save 50%, by clicking  using the code .  You can try Bluum and save 50%, by clicking HERE using the code TRYBLUUM(this is on 3,6, or 12 month subscriptions). .  If you sign up, I would recommend using a pre-paid card, as they can be hard to cancel.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Weslyn, June 27, 2014:

    Do you like Citrus Lane or Bluum better?

  2. Subscription Box Mom, June 28, 2014:

    Citrus Lane :)

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