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Calendar May 12, 2014 05/12/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Socialbliss New Changes June 1st + Discount

Socialbliss New Changes

Socialbliss New Changes

 Socialbliss Style Box is $39.95 a month plus $7.95 shipping.  Each box will contain an assortment of popular one size fits all fashion accessories and lifestyle products.  Each Style Box has a value of at least $100 and sometimes up to $200. One of the best things, is if you don't love it, they will take it back!  I received their first box a few months ago and after seeing a couple more boxes, I had to get the April box.  You can read my April review HERE.

 You can click HERE and use the code FBMM5 to save $5.00 on your box. expired

I just received this email from Socialbliss.  They are going to be introducing 6 month and 12 month plans.  They are also introducing shipping rates and sales tax starting June 1st.  If you are a current subscriber, you will be locked in to the old rates.  From how I read this letter, you have till June 1st to subscribe and stay in the old plan.

Here is the letter I received:

We are so excited to have you as a member of the Socialbliss community and a loyal subscriber to The Style Box. It is our passion for fashion, beauty, all things awesome and most importantly, our community that makes The Style Box so amazing. As always our goal is to always deliver on-point trends with great service, and we are looking forward to sharing more and more as time comes.

Discovering and curating the best items we can find, we put as much love and dedication into each month’s Style Box. So to continue sharing the latest and greatest, we have decided to introduce the upcoming launch of our 6-mo and 12-mo subscription plans and currently offering the option of upgrading.

By offering these new plans and upgrade, we will be updating our shipping rates and including state sales tax where it applies to continue guaranteeing the same great service, products and care that goes into each Style box. This will go into effect June 1, 2014 during the next billing cycle.

What does this mean for you?

“As loyal subscriber, your original subscription plan and shipping rates are locked-in! Meaning that you will be unaffected by the shipping rate update. The locked-in rates only apply to accounts that remain active. Any changes, cancellations or re-subscribes on the account will have their rates based on the most current subscription plan.*

We believe our service offers an exceptional value and hope you continue to enjoy the wonderful monthly surprise of receiving The Style Box. If you have any questions regarding the new subscription plans or shipping details, please contact us at support@socialbliss.zendesk.com or visit our FAQs.

Yours truly,

Jennie and The Socialbliss Team”

Here is the current subscription information:


Cost: $39.74 a month or $105.00 for 3 months

Coupon: Click HERE and use the code FBMM5 to save $5.00 OR Click HERE and use the code GLEEFULLME to get a bonus item in your May Box.

Shipping: $7.95

What's in the box? “The Socialbliss Style Box consists an array of products each month that goes along with the theme that will improve your style monthly! “

How do I cancel? You can cancel from your online account.  Also note “As a monthly member, you are able to cancel at anytime. Make sure though to cancel before the 20th to ensure that you are not charged for the following box. As an example, if you are to cancel on the 19th of May, you will not be charged for the June box. If you choose to cancel on the 21st of May, you will be charged and receive the June box but your subscription will be canceled starting the month of July.”


Update:  I sent an email with a few questions to clarify everything and Socialbliss emailed me back!

I received the email today about the changes and my readers have had a few questions.  If someone is an original member, and gets boxes month to month, will they stay in the same rates as they have been? 
Yes! They will remain in the same locked-in rate for their original subscription plan. However, any one in California will have state taxes that may apply to their account.
I saw people who re-subscribe will be under the new rules.  Is re-subscribe mean from a canceled account? 
Yes, if they cancel and decide to re-subscribe, unfortunately they are not given the locked-in rates, the current rates would apply. The locked-in rates only apply to accounts that remain active under their original subscription plan.
Also if someone signs up before June 1st, will they be grandfathered in too?
That date only applies to existing subscribers to let them know that on the next billing cycle (June 1, 2014), they should not see any changes to their subscription plan rate as it is “locked-in” unless they have cancelled/re-subscribed or have made changes to their account once the new plans are out. The locked-in rates only apply to the original subscription plan.
I asked about what the rates were, and she couldn't tell me, but said they would be released this week.
Also, the May Socialbliss will have over a $200.00 value!

It looks like if you sign up now, you will be grandfathered in until June 1st.  You can click HERE and use the code FBMM5 to save $5.00 on your box.  Once you create an account, you can see the price before you purchase.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.

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