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Calendar March 13, 2014 03/13/14 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Wantable Makeup Quiz Changes


There are some new Wantable Makeup Quiz Changes.  New to Wantable? Wantable has three different subscriptions : Makeup, Intimates, and Accessories.  When you sign up, you choose a category and answer a few questions, so Wantable can match you with the perfect products.  Subscribe for $36.00 a month or buy a single box for 40.  Subscriptions are shipped automatically each month and can be skipped or canceled anytime.  Each box is packed with full size products hand-picked from unique, specialty, and  premium brands to perfectly fit your style.  If you don't love your box, you can send it back for a full refund!  No more buyers remorse.

Makeup Quiz Changes

– Added skin tone (warm & cool) question.

– Split the eye shadow question into three parts: trend preference, format, and finish.

– Split the blush question into three parts: trend preference, format, and finish.

– Removed the shimmer and glitter options from highlighter.

– Moved cool and warm tone options for eye shadow and bronzer to a separate, overarching question.

– Added cream bronzer option.

– Split the eyeliner question into two parts: trend preference and format.

– Removed dramatic, subtle, and waterproof from mascara question. Added black as an option.

– Split lip product question into three parts instead of two: trend preference, color preference, and format.

– Removed deep, bright, sheer, and shimmer from lip products question. Added deep neutral as an option.

– Removed neutral, red, dark, bright, multi, cream, metallic, glitter, shimmer, sheer, and nail art from nail polish question. Added a trend preference question.

– Combined brow questions into one page: brow color and format. Removed stencil option (that will go under tools now) and removed cream option (that will be combined with gel now).

– Categorized products as trendy and timeless. Timeless colors are are neutral and will always be in style. Oftentimes, these are a brand’s best-selling shades. Trend colors are those of-the-moment shades. This is where all the unconventional, in your face colors will live. This is also where we’ll put the hottest trends like bold, bright eyeliner and glitter nail polish.

If you want to try Wantable, click HERE.  I have “heard” if you leave your box in your cart for a day or so, Wantable will send you a 10% off code.  Also, if you have a special request for your box, you can email Wantable and let them know.  They may not be able to fulfill your request, but they try to.

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