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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar December 13, 2013 12/13/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

New Subscription Box Cultured Owl Review

 Cultured Owl Review

Cultured Owl Review

Cultured Owl is a new subscription box that exposes children to the world.  Cultured Owl sent me the Spain box to review.  Spain is the first box in the country series.  Cultured Owl is for children 5-10 and each month, Cultured Owl sends a country kit filled with information, toys, and crafts.  These kids are designed to bring the whole family together.  Cultured Owl was developed by Sara Randrianasolo.  She is an advocate for international education.  While working in higher education, Sara developed programs to bridge the gap between American and international students.  Being a bicultural and multilingual family gave Sara and her families opportunities to celebrate differences between people.  Sara wanted to teach her children more about this, and developed Cultured Owl.

I really was excited to see this box, because I think it is very important that children understand the world they live in and have an appreciation for other cultures.  I love exposing my children to new places, but international travel is not feasible at this time.  I like that there is a monthly kit that can bring different cultures to their home.

Cultured Owl's Vision

“Cultured Owl desires to see children develop global citizenship skills.  Our monthly Country Kits teach children to value diversity and to celebrate other people and their way of life.  Designed with products that promote creativity and critical thinking.  Country Kits also help children develop their own sense of identity.”

Here is what is in the Country Kit

1.  Arts and Crafts: Materials to make 2-3 hands on activities.  Finished products will represent aspects of the host country culture.

2.  Toys: Included toys are played with by the children in the host country

3.  Country Booklet: Country booklets are filled with cultural information.  Topics include popular names, traditional games, children's songs, language lessons, dramatic acts holidays and festivals and overall way of life.  Each booklet also contains conversation starters, which are a great way to dive deeper into culture.  These are good to discuss over dinner

4.  Collectible Trading Card: Use the demographic and national traits data to teach children factual information about the country.  Geographic coordinates are provided so children can locate the country on their included globe.

5.  Country Flag: The flag includes a three hole stand to display the flag

6.  Recipe Card: Gather the family and get a taste of the local cuisine.  Families are encouraged to involve children in shipping for ingredients and preparing the dish.  Cooking is an excellent way to practice math skills

The Details:

Cost:  3 months $87.00 ($29.00 a month)

          3 month sibling add on $29.85 ($9.95 a month)

          6 months $162.00 ($27.00 a month)

          6 month sibling add on $59.70 ($9.95 a month)

         12 months $300.00 ($25.00 a month)

         12 month sibling add on $119.40 ($9.95 a month)

Plans: a.  3 Month Tour  (The Tourist) Receive Country Kits For: Spain, China and Australia!

          b.  6 Month Tour (The Explorer) Receive Country Kits For: Spain, China, Australia,

               Madagascar, Italy

          c.  12 Month Tour (The Jetsetter) Receive Country Kits For: Spain, China, Australia, Madagascar,                     Italy, Brazil, Japan, India, Israel, France, Egypt, and Russia!

What's in the box? Country Kits include the following: Country Booklet, Collectible Trading Card, Country Flag, Recipe Card, Toys, and 2-3 Tech-Free, Hands On Activities (crafting supplies included). Your first Country Kit will also include our Welcome Kit, including a passport and globe to chart your child's travels

When am I billed?  You are billed when you order.  You subscription ends at the end of which ever subscription you sign up for.

When do I get my box? Allow up to 4 weeks for your first Country Kit to arrive. After that, our country kits ship mid-month and arrive 5-10 days later.

Contact Info: Email: cs@culturedowl.com

Phone: (330-961-1296) , Monday through Friday, from 10:00am to 4:00pm EDT.


The Box
Cultured Owl ships in a silver box with a Cultured Owl sticker sealing the box.
First Look
There is sticker on the inside lid that contains all the supplies in the box.  Everything was wrapped neatly in green tissue paper and sealed with a Cultured Owl sticker
First Look
The box was full of goodies and I couldn't wait to see what was inside.
Getting Started
There was a card introducing Sara Randrianasolo and a card introducing Cultured Owl.  There was also a passport and an inflatable globe.  The globe has latitude and longitude lines, so children can pinpoint different places on the globe uses coordinates.
Everything was included for the child to make their own castanets.  L had a great time completing this craft.  He loves crafts and music

Painting the castanets
Almost Done
Mosaic Tile Coaster
Everything was included for your child to make their own mosaic tile coaster.  This was a really unique craft and very different than previous crafts.

Planning Out the Pattern
All Glued Together
Completed Projects

These turned out great!

Spain: Toys, Education, Cooking and more
Cultured Owl included a flag of Spain, a trading card, a recipe card, booklet about Spain and a Peonza.  L really liked the flag and has it in his room.  The trading card is in a hard protective sleeve and demographics about Spain.  The recipe is a card to make Chicken Paella.  I have never tried chicken paella, but it looks tasty.  The booklet about Spain includes information about Flamenco, an art form of dance and music.  They also talked about La Tomatina, which is the largest food fight in the world and Corrida de Toros (Bullfighting). The Peonza is a toy top you can spin.
Inside the booklet
Final Thought: This was a really great box and L loved learning about Spain.  I liked that there were many different aspects to this box, from the crafts to the toys, recipe and literature.  It gave my family and son a great overview of Spain.  L really loved making the crafts in the box.  Both the mosaic tile and the castanets were very unique and fun to complete.  L is working on spinning the Peonza by himself.  If you are interested in learning more about Cultured Owl, or want to sign up for a subscription, click HERE.

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