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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar December 3, 2013 12/03/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

New Subscription Box: Besh Box Review

Besh Box sent me this box for review.  Besh Box is a new subscription box from Chef John Besh.  Chef Besh has several best selling cookbooks, has won many awards and has appeared in many magazines.  Chef Besh is currently appearing on two tv shows: â€œChef John Besh’s New Orleans,” and â€œChef John Besh’s Family Table”.  Besh Box generally come with 5-6 items.  You will items like: cooking tools Chef Besh loves, recipes, specialty ingredients, household kitchen items, music playlists, cocktail pairings, and fun toys and themed items.

The Details:
Cost: $55.00

What's in the box: Besh Box generally come with 5-6 items.  You will items like: cooking tools Chef Besh loves, recipes, specialty ingredients, household kitchen items, music playlists, cocktail pairings, and fun toys and themed items.

When am I billedBilling begins on the day you place your order. Subsequent orders are in 30-day increments. For example, if you place your order on November 4, you will be billed each month on the 4th.

When does the box ship? Each month will vary.  If it is a month with an event theme (holiday, etc.) we will ensure that you receive your Besh Box in plenty of time to prepare and share it.

How do I cancel?  You can cancel from a button in your account online.

The Box
 The box was shipped by UPS (all boxes are).  It is a very beautiful box.
First Look
 The box was very pretty, from my first look.  On top, was a note thanking me for my review.
Besh Box Sticker
 Besh Box seals their boxes with a Besh Box sticker.  I like the attention to detail that Besh Box put in their boxes.
 The box was packed with items
Information Card
John Besh included information about every product in the box.  This month's theme was Holiday's From the Heart
All Good Things Organic Seeds -Jalapeno Pepper $3.50
 From Chef Besh “Too often we think of planting out kitchen garden or window sill only when we want fresh herbs and vegetables.  Get these seeds started in a warm sunny place inside so that you have a seedling ready for the garden.  We'll be using these peppers in upcoming recipes and they're great to have on hand for a variety of dishes”.
I don't have a green thumb, but I have been known to keep a few plants alive.  I will plant these with L and see if we can keep them alive.

Eppicotispai s/s Double Pastry-Pizza Wheel $15.60

 From Chef Besh “I love tools and ingredients both to have multiple purposes.  This pastry cutter is one of those indispensable tools that too often don't come to mind until we need one.  The strong wood handle gives it the heft that you're looking for when your hands are a mess with flour and butter.”
This is made in Italy and feels expensive.  You can use the flat wheel to cut hand made Italian pizza, and use the perforated side for cutting dough.  This is a cool gadget and I am excited to use it.
Vanilla Beans $6.00 est
 From Chef Besh “I love to split these plump vanilla beans lengthwise and carefully scrape out their delectable seeds that can be used in any number of recipes.  After doing this, hang onto the bean pods and cover them with a generous amount of sugar which will then be perfumed by the vanilla and can be later used to impart their sensuous flavors into other dishes”
I actually didn't know this is what vanilla beans looked like.  I linked this product to something similar, and estimated the cost.  This look fun to work with and I will need to find a great recipe to use.
Raw Materials Design Kitchen Towel $16.00
 From Chef Besh “A good towel is the most important tool in the kitchen, next to a quality knife.  This is my favorite and what I use at home.  We'll be sending you a new one each month.  Enjoy!”
This towel is super soft and is a huge towel.  It is 20 x 28″ and are supposed to get thirstier and softer after each wash.  I love this towel.
Epicurean Scrapper $9.99

From Chef Besh “I can't live without this tool in my kitchen.  Not only is it great for working with pastry dough.  I use it for handling my biscuit dough in the morning, fresh pastas and for cleaning up the flour every time we roll pastry out.”

I am excited to make some cookies and try this out!
Inglewood Pecan Pieces 1lb $14.00
 From Chef Besh “These Inglewood pecan are my favorite because of their subtle sweet flavors and soft texture.  They are perfectly suited for so many dishes from the classic New Orleans praline to toasted pecans with brown butter served over fish, you simply can't go wrong.”
I am going to use these to make a great holiday dish to bring for Christmas.
Fleur de Lis ornament $5.00 est
From Chef Besh “Just a little something for your home to celebrate the festive season”
This is a really pretty ornament and is hanging on my tree now.  
Recipes and Playlist
Chef Besh included recipes to make Apple & Pear Tart with Pecans, Basic Sweet Dough, and Hot Spiced Wine.  They all sound fantastic and I want to try all three!
Chef Besh also included a playlist of 8 songs to go with the fantastic recipes.
Whole Box

Final Thought: The total value for this box is $70.09 and that doesn't include the recipes.  This was a very well curated box and everything felt very high end.  Every item in the box was high quality.  I loved the kitchen tools included in the box, along with the tips on how to use them.  I would never had owned these products, if they weren't included.  I liked learning new cooking techniques and ways to make cooking easier.  If you are interested in trying Besh Box, click HERE.

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Disclaimer: This box was received free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

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