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Calendar December 17, 2013 12/17/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Kiwi Crate December Polar Expedition and Discount Codes

Kiwi Crate‘s theme for December is Polar Expedition.  Kiwi Crate is $19.95 a month, and each month, your child get's at lease two main crafts plus Explore Magazine which is filled with bonus crafts.  My son L loves his Kiwi Crate and is always asking when the next one will come.  This month, the main crafts are “my snowball toss” and “my polar window clings”.
The Box
 Kiwi always uses the same green boxes.  L has learned the words Kiwi Crate from the boxes.
Information Card
 The front of the information card has pictures of the two main crafts

Sticker and Cut Outs
The back of the information card has cut outs of Steve the Kiwi Bird and a friend.  Your child can color, cut them out and play with them in the box.  There is also a sticker.  When you get your first box, there will be a pair of scissors and a poster.  Every month, there is a new sticker and your child can add it to their poster.  If your poster gets filled up (ours did), just email Kiwi Crate and they will send a new one free.
Explore Magazine
 Explore Magazine is a great added feature to Kiwi Crate.  Each month, the magazine is packed with fun activities and bonus crafts
Borax Crystal Snowflake
 You and your child can make a borax crystal snowflake using scissors, string, borax, a jar, a pencil and pipe cleaners.  We haven't tried this yet, but will do it this month.

My Salt Dough Pendant
I can't wait to try this with L.  I remember making salt dough ornaments with my mom as a child.  Kiwi Crate also included a cookie cutter!
My Polar Window Clings
This craft uses 3D paint and glue to make window clings.  Kiwi emailed everyone and gave some additional tips for the paint.  I had to remove the caps and clean them out , to get the paint started.
 I had to do much of the work with this craft.  The 3D paint didn't come out as thick as it should.  I think they need a bigger opening on the bottle or thinner paint.  After the animal is outlined in 3D paint, you fill in the gaps with glue.  L got to do this part.
My Snowball Toss
 This was L's favorite project.  He is great with sewing.
 L did a great job sewing the gloves.  I gave him the string and materials and he did it himself, I only had to tie the knots at the end.
We had a great time playing catch.
Finished Project
The Whole Box
Final Thought: I really liked the theme this month.  Including the bonus crafts, there were four craft and activities this month.  L loved the snowball toss and he has been playing with it all day today.  I wish the pain would have been easier to use, but the window cling activity was fun.  I love all of Kiwi Crates activities are fun and interactive.  I also love that Kiwi Crate lets you control your subscription from your account.  You can pause/skip or cancel from your account, no customer service needed.  If you are interested in signing up, click HERE to get $10.00.  
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