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All about monthly subscription box reviews.
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Calendar December 18, 2013 12/18/13 AuthorBy Subscription Box Mom Comments 0 Comments 0

Healthy Pet Advisor CustomCare Box Review

Healthy Pet Advisor is pet subscription box that caters to the health of your pet.  Healthy Pet Advisor is brought to you by the people at Perfect Pet Food and Accessories.  Perfect Pet Food and Accessories is a chain of three healthy, holistic pet stores in Indiana.  I am a born and raised Hoosier, so I was happy to review their CustomCare Box.  CustomCare Boxes are designed for cats or dogs.  There are two different sizes CustomCareâ„¢ Box for Cats and Small Canines ($19.95 plus s/h) and CustomCareâ„¢ Box for  Medium to Extra Large Canines ($39.95 plus s/h).  The small box comes with a $35.00 value and the large box comes with a $50.00 value.  When you sign up, you fill out a pet profile, which is very detailed.  You also pick the type of  box you want, from “My Tummy Hurts, to “Just Great Stuff”.  Each type of box has items geared to that theme.

The Details: What is in the box?  Small Box: One seriously good, full-sized grooming aid, supplement or treatment plus food samples, toys, treats, surprises and coupons.   Large Box: Two seriously good, full-sized grooming aid, supplement or treatment plus food samples, toys, treats, surprises and coupons.

Types of boxes: Itchy Scratchy Stinky
                            Bad Hair Day
                            Scratching is Contagious
                            My Tummy Hurts
                            Older or Less Active
                            Big Boned
                            A A Ah Choo
                            Bug's Free the Way to Be
                            Stage Freight
                            Just Great Stuff

Cost: $19.95 a month for the  CustomCareâ„¢ Box for Cats and Small Canines ($35.00 value) $39.95 a month for the CustomCareâ„¢ Box for  Medium to Extra Large Canines ($50.00 value) *Indiana residents pay tax Shipping: Small Box: $7.50 Large Box: $9.50 When am I billed?  You are billed when you order, and then the same day after. How do I cancel? Once you create an account, there is a button in your account to cancel. Websitehttp://www.healthypetadvisor.com Email: Coach@healthypetadvisor.com

I received just a general themed CustomCareâ„¢ Box for Cats and Small Canines (Dog)
The Box
Everything came shipped in a big brown box.
First Look
Grriggles Cow $2.39 Mammoth Sheep $3.76
These are cute little toys, perfect for play.  My 22 month old wanted to keep the sheep, but we are giving them to, two wonderful dogs.
Ear Healthy Ear Cleanser $7.99 Richard's Organics Pet Wellness Anti Bacterial Shampoo $5.39
Healthy ears are important and the Ear Healthy Ear Cleanser deep cleans, loosens wax, removes odors, relieves inching and is unscented and non stinging.
Richard's Organics Shampoo is formulated to treat conditions caused by yeast, fungus, and bacteria.  This also helps to eliminate orders.  It is paraben, soap and dye free.  All ingredients are 100% naturally derived.
Supreme Healthy Max Weight Management Treats $4.89
These are weight management dog treats that are fortified with L-Carnitine and have complex carbohydrates.   L-Carnitine aids in fat loss. They are made with real chicken too.
Grandma Mae's Country Naturals 14 oz $2.39
This Farmhouse Blend dog food is free from chicken, lamb or beef.  It has healthy animal proteins and all natural ingredients.  It has healthy vitamins and minerals to help dogs in all life stages.
Grandma Mae's Country Naturals $5.20
This is also all natural and made for adult dogs.  It has three healthy animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, and ingredients for a healthy skin and coat.
Coupons and Safety Stickers
Coupons for $2.00 off Nutrasourcedogfood.com were included.  There were also two stickers to put on your home that tells firemen and other safety professionals there are pets in your home.  If there is ever a fire, the firemen will know there are animals to save too!
The Whole Box

Final Thought: The total value of this box came to $32.01.  This is slightly less than the $35.00 promised retail value, but I didn't include the $4.00 in coupons.  This was a nice box and filled with items that are not only good for dogs, but made with natural ingredients.  While my box was a general box, Healthy Pet Advisor can help customize a box just for your dog or cat.  I would love to see an detailed information list about each product and it's benefits in future boxes.  If you are looking for natural, healthy products for your pet, Healthy Pet Advisor may be right for you.  To order, click HERE.  What do you think of Healthy Pet Advisor?

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Disclaimer: This box was received free for review.  My opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.  This post contains referral/affiliate links.

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